Brochure Printing – An Intermediate Guide

Chances are there are hundred things you have already thought about if you are the type of business owner that relies heavily on future brochure printing campaigns. Maybe you have already been down this path before and have a favorite printer that takes care of your brochure printing with every phone call you make to their offices. Perhaps you are a first-time user and have scrawled notes in your notepad for what you would like to see out of this type of marketing platform. At any rate, here is a look at a few things you should think about outside of basic designs, folds and color schemes.

Direct Mailing

Online printers have slid into this role well in the past few years, acting as a direct mailing department that buffers between your order being completed and being sent out to your customers. Some people are wary of this option, only because they feel like they can’t guarantee everything will run smoothly. But in reality, you can set up an entire mailer campaign by simply handing over your customer list (or purchasing an appropriate one from them) and reviewing the proofs of what they will look like via electronic means. Not many people think about the time and resources they will save by having their printers take care of the final touches for them.

Creative Customization

Once they have finished your brochure printing, you now have a stack of regular old brochures. But consider a little customization and you will be on your way to a far different product than your competitors could boast. Get them hole-punched or die-cut for easy storage and a feng shui cut-out, respectively. Gloss them over with a UV coating or laminated application. Fold them in countless ways and provide diagonal cuts on certain panels, get an insert included or order a perforated coupon to be attached inside. All of these and more can usually be done on-site, making it a faster option to explore than sending it elsewhere.

Online Design Templates

You will never go wrong when you apply your own content via online template. The best part about it is they are free to use. For anybody with a design program on their computers, this can save you some cash and give you the freedom to create at will. Plus, it helps out the printing expert that will be in charge of sending your order through the press by bypassing any unnecessary pre-printing issues that normally would have had to have been cleared beforehand. It also gives you a nice advantage because you don’t have to feel like you must rush through it. It can easily be picked up another day for completion.