Brochure Design Tactics That Help Usher Readers Further

Do you want to know where to find the most provocative pinup girls for your brochures? This is a good question because it makes you want to read further into a printed brochure, especially when it is placed on the front (there are no suggestions for pinups, by the way.) The trick is to print something that will mentally strike a reader and push them to make the choice to open your piece. If your question or image is not unique enough, people might not give two hoots about it. Be testy and push the boundaries in order for them to read on. Then you can do whatever you need to.

Provide A Question, Give Multiple Answers

Just like the beginning paragraph of this article, if you present a question that is worth knowing the answer to, whether it is of a joking nature or not, people will certainly check out the inside. It works similarly to greeting cards where the reader is already groomed to know there is an outer idea and a complementary on the interior. If your brochures have multiple panels, then try to give them multiple solutions to the question with one per page. That way they are inspired to unfold the entire thing, not just the first flap.

Incite Somebody To Learn More

Call to action wording is a proven method of getting people to read further. Phrases like Learn More, Take A Peek Inside, Ordering Information Inside and simply Buy Now can help the cause. Printing a small animated arrow that bends toward the edge can also add to the haste. It never hurts to say something like Time-Sensitive Information Inside or Check It Out.

Tell Them What They Do Not Know

If you are at the zoo, why not present a little-known fact about the sleeping habits of bats or the fact that there are millions of insects on the planet per human being? When you present one half of piece of interesting knowledge with a few periods at the end, it might help people check out the entire custom brochure. Another good one is to present a price of your services as clear as day with a strike through the competitors’ prices right next to it. Because cost is something that is of primary concern for most people in the market to buy something, this might automatically get them to scope out the situation a little bit further.

Be Goofy

Brochures are traditionally something that gets designed professionally with a nice sense of balance and content that is readable to the average consumer. But if you threw something totally wacky out there like a weird animation, a comic strip that presents an issue in a comical light or something else out of the norm, people pick up on it and are more likely to finish reading the piece.