Boost Your Responses With Business Cards

Your business cards are often a crucial line of communication with your potential and existing customers. If you don’t establish yourself with a custom printed business card, you won’t impress anybody (except your bathroom mirror every morning.) People know they can go just about anywhere with the help of the internet to find the best deals on everyday things: oil changes, restaurants, entertainment houses and recreational endeavors, law firms and florists. That is why your skills as a salesperson, coupled closely with your knack for creating an effective business card, can win over even the tightest of all consumers.


Your designer content on the front and back of your card is going to help people make a decision in a timely manner. If you simply look to instill a few words in black and white, mixed with a telephone number and a website, you will have a tough time convincing anyone that you are worth their time. Customized photos of yourself work well (especially if you are a real estate agent or other personal consultant), along with a nicely designed original graphic. It could be anything in the world that reflects your personality and values (and will actually do you well when it is completely crafted from scratch – seek a professional graphic designer for more help.)

Embolden The Important Information

If it is your company title that you want front and center, embolden it. If it is your photo, logo or web site, bring it to the forefront with striking colors and deep shades that will help people identify you immediately. If your business card printing was lined up next to a swath of other ones, how would you try to get your viewer to see yours right away? The answer lies with how well you can incorporate this on your front face.

Get Them To Act

If you just put your name, phone number and location on the card, how do you ever expect somebody will act on those alone? Business professionals everywhere are adding interactive elements to theirs with offers of discounts (when they register as a first-time user on their web site), freebies (estimates, installations, etc.) and more. Your job as a marketer of your business and your own skills is to prompt excitement in your recipients in order for them to make a rather swift action in favor of your company.

Go For Quality

People pick up on the little things, which means you must make your business cards as beautiful as ever. This includes selecting the right type of paper, gloss, lettering style and ink quality, as well as the right printer that won’t turn your order into a huge fiasco. You would be surprised at just how much you can do for so very little on the internet.