Booklet Printing In Public Places

Companies looking to be a hit with a certain niche of the public are constantly seeking new things for their booklet printing in order to maintain relevance in the market. You have probably seen custom booklets in places like malls, newsstands and your own mailbox. There is always a use for this sometimes forgotten tool, especially when you have a diverse lineup of offerings available to the public. Here are a few popular outposts where you can pick up one on your own time just about any time at all.

Fast Food Restaurants

Forget how many burgers and tacos these places go through – how about the amount of coupons printed in glossy booklets that get sent out each week? You have probably seen or taken advantage of buy one get one offers, freebies or some other out-of-this-world deal from your area grease joint. As a business marketer in charge of PR and advertising at these restaurants, the right design and hot deals can elicit a very large response (i.e. decreasing the price of a popular menu item to just 99 cents!) This is not even counting all of the newspaper flyers, business cards (for consultants and higher ranking officials), nutritional brochures and birthday reply postcards they send out every year.

Wedding Gifts

There is a huge market for wedding gifts, which means there will need to be an appropriate way of getting them out there to the eager young brides and grooms. Booklet printing is a go-to option because of their concise nature and ability to display a wide array of gifts in just a few short pages. Things like champagne flutes and beer steins are common fare, as well as engraved lighters, key chains, wallets and money clips. Poker chips and cigars are always popular items for the guys, as are necklaces and jewelry boxes for the ladies. You can give them something to check out with a perfect little booklet for this special occasion.

Sports Memorabilia Stores

These types of outlets are not only fun to look at, but awesome to order from too. Memorabilia has existed since the first baseball was ever hit out of a stadium, meaning there are a lot of collectors and enthusiasts out there that want a piece of the action. Some shops host celebrity athlete autograph sessions or need a way to announce a new item that is up for sale at their business. Booklets can and often do provide this vehicle nicely.

Joke Shops/Novelty Stores

Have you ever been into one of these stores and thought that you had seen it all? Some of those things you perused could likely have been joke booklets in the form of “romantic” coupons, quirky game books and retirement pranks for the rib-tickler in us all. It goes to show you that even goofy-minded prints can market themselves well – if you have a good enough idea.