Booklet Printing For Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are prime territory for using booklet printing advantageously. When a grocer looks at the various aspects of his or her business, booklets are a feasible way of spreading the good word in the food industry (that is, so long as it is a good word indeed.) With the ever-expanding world of marketplace niches, there is always a good reason for custom printing to help win over the palettes of the unsuspecting. Here are a few ways for which this type of marketing is useful in Aisle 17.

Product Families

Oftentimes when a product or brand name hits the shelves at your local supermarket, the company behind the label will launch a massive campaign to flood the minds of consumers shopping near their products. These come in the form of manufacturer’s coupons, company history and origination, ingredients, methods of creation and other marketable facets that will tantalize the taste buds of everyone near. New items often see a few weeks of this type of advertising, with in-store tastings and other giveaways a common accompanying sight.


Several banks have partnered with your local grocer for years now, all of which need booklet printing to help raise awareness that they are on-site and offering many different options for banking. This makes it super convenient for shoppers that want to kill two birds with one stone every time they make a visit. Banks are one of the top customers that online printers see time and again – and for good reason. Booklets have the ability to drive people through their doors to open up new checking and savings accounts, apply for student loans and other things that require a detailed list of information.

Floral Department

These, like the bakery and meat departments, are almost like an entirely separate entity in itself. To print booklets that cover everything from daisies to daffodils is like putting the world in the gardener’s hands (or anybody with a green thumb for that matter.) You can include tips and tricks on watering, planting, sowing seeds, growing enhancements and other pertinent facts on how to take care of your plants properly. Often they will have coupons for planting accessories or specialized foods for you to utilize on your shopping trip. Since most flowers have various parameters for their proper upkeep, your florist will do well to have a stack of these freshly printed booklets on hand all the time.

Coupon Booklets

The single biggest use for cheap booklet printing in a grocery supply chain is to create coupons for the masses. These make your customers get more involved with their shopping experience as they can be individually ripped out and used as you go through the checkout line. It’s always a good measure to incorporate color for all of your products as this will help define them, leading to better sales figures and better customer satisfaction.