Booklet Printing Checklist – Part 2

As promised, here is the other half of your booklet printing checklist. You should always be aware of your particular booklet printer’s rules and regulations (which are available in full at their web sites.) From a personal standpoint, these guidelines are simply good to know whenever you print marketing materials for your business. It will help familiarize you with the lingo as well as be able to meet any challenges head-on when they surface. Overall, these points will help you and the printing experts involved to guide your project down a smooth path to completion more efficiently than you could have imagined.


Are your fonts readable? Could a below-average reader understand everything you are saying and be able to distinguish each word and letter while perusing your booklet pages? A good choice in design can mean the difference between impressing and depressing. If you create your own designs from home, you should make sure that the fonts you choose are embedded using PDF/X-1a:2001, high quality print or a press quality option, depending on the type of software you have. This will ensure that your project can be handled properly at your online printer.


This check is just to make sure that if you have a front and back side (which you do with every page of your booklet printing), that they are of the same orientation. You don’t want one side to be in landscape format (horizontal) and the other to be in a portrait style (vertical), as they simply won’t match up. This is important to establish early on in the design process because you don’t want to have to switch everything over and lay it all out again.

Catalogs and Booklets

These can get tricky once you have delved into each page’s creation. You should know what the folds are and which pages are which so that when your booklets are finally assembled, they display the continuity you were going for. Each project should be a multi-paged .pdf file with the same number of pages you originally ordered.


This should be one of your last steps right before your order is sent to the printers. Are your photos in the right spots? Are the trim, bleeds and caution lines accurate? Do the colors match what I had initially imagined? Does it read well from page to page? Are words spelled right and sentences grammatically correct? Is my contact information exactly what it should be? You and your colleagues should read through every part at least twice (and don’t be afraid to read aloud as this will help you catch more mistakes.) Once you have done this and everything looks to be in order, you should be ready for custom booklet prints that will dare to impress!