Booklet Printing Bloopers To Watch Out For

Your company’s booklet printing is too precious of a marketing tool to pass up on the little things during the process. Most common errors can be avoided if you know what to look for before printing booklets. Your online printer should work closely with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you are paying for; however that does not mean your project will arrive with no mistakes. Here are a few things to pay attention to as you go about the process.

Proofs, Proofs, Proofs

While most online printers are trustworthy enough to print booklets with exceptional care and dedication, they should always know what you want when it comes to each individual page. That is why it is imperative to request electronic proofs (or hard copy ones) that will accurately portray your entire order, page by page. These help business owners like you see the level of detail, accuracy of information and overall layout of your booklets in their entirety. A digital proof should cost you nothing while a hard copy delivered by mail can cost you up to $100 at some providers. Make sure you know what you’d like to receive.

Crammed Content

It is an economical decision to desire smaller booklet printing, but if it just doesn’t work, it just won’t fly with your customers. Allow yourself the right amount of room by taking advantage of a free online design template, which will give you the chance to add content at your will. Sometimes when a piece is complicated with overstuffed information, people will tend not to read it at all. Avoiding this mistake can set you on the road to success with your customer base because they will know exactly what you have to offer whenever they open your booklet.

Missed Opportunities For Color

Picking and choosing where you want your full color to be applied is a futile decision-making process in today’s day and age. Every single element of your booklets should be covered in 4-color printing so that you elicit an emotional response as well as create a solid branding effort through and through. Some people forget to add this crucial detail but in reality, it’s one of the main things you need in order to be successful. With today’s technology, it is easy to pick a color that is precise, even when it comes to variable shading and the like.

Short Run Orders

While this might be a good option for some wishing to experiment with their message first, a larger order of a perfect booklet printing project is something every business should take advantage of. For starters, it is a cheaper option when you break it down into price per unit, making it ideal for future campaigns. It’s best to hop online and fiddle with an instant pricing calculator – you just might surprise yourself (and your budget) with every increment you climb on the quantity selection.