Big Brochures For Big-Spirited Companies

Companies with an eye on their next brochure printing campaign be aware: it is never a bad idea to go big. Size alone contributes to a significant reaction out of today’s consumers, especially when they are looking through something as slightly complex as a printed brochure. Depending on what area of industry you are associated with, your company might simply not be able to go without printing large format brochures. These places are typically banks, law firms, vehicular dealerships and companies in the electronics industry.

You can generally obtain 8.5 x 14 brochures and 11 x 17 brochures (although there is a few more depending on how crazy you wish to get.) With larger sizes, you automatically gain a lot of space for more content. This can come in handy when you are explaining highly technical things in laymen’s terms to an audience that quite possibly knows nothing about your services. You always have to plan for this type of person, even if you know about everything you are talking about. This also leaves you more room for designs and panels you might not have even realized could be useful (i.e. company history, processes involved.)

Printing brochures at big sizes shows your customers that you are a free-spirited company with a lot to offer to the average citizen. It gives you the opportunity to instill many different folds, which is sort of like opening a Christmas present for each new customer that reads through it. Each panel can hold information about something even more exciting than the last one. If it looks like it required a bit more thought to assemble this custom brochure printing, your readers will likely find it to be of more importance than if they picked up a regular tri-fold one. Try looking into roll folds, gate folding and accordion style for a fresh take.

This type of printing can literally swallow your competition whole. If they are sending out regular or considerably more average-looking print marketing, you can capitalize on their misreading with giant brochures. When you give them an extra incentive (such as a blowout deal that leaps off the panel), you are bound to receive a better response than the people down the street. Plus, most online printers will have envelope options that are suitable for your prints, making it even more professional when they are sent as part of a massive mailing campaign.

Even with more real estate, you will still pay far less on the web than you would at your local outpost in town. They are ideal for displaying giant colorful layouts and photos, which will naturally lend itself more awesome power than if you were to opt for a different tactic.