Basic Tips for Print Marketing Materials

Your print marketing campaign is a crucial aspect of any reputable promotional campaign. From brochure printing to flyers, postcards and pamphlets, you can create well-rounded marketing efforts to best represent your business. With a little design advice and a lot of tactful branding, it doesn’t have to be complicated to make your printing effective. Follow these basic tips for your print materials, and you will get off to a great start!

Create easy-to-read marketing with the right font and line spacing:
Space out your font and make the size and style appealing to the eyes. If your marketing isn’t readable, your designs will fall flat and lose their purpose, so take this into consideration as you put together the layout. The bigger the printing product, the larger the font should be. Keep your font at a ratio that coincides with your printing, but make sure it isn’t too condensed. This goes for nearly every avenue of printing your marketing department will produce.

Add captions to your images:
Photos and other imagery are a powerful way to entice potential clients and customers to buying your products, but without an explanation they might not be as impactful. For the best results, add little captions or at least titles to your photos on your brochures, flyers and other custom printing. Not only will your visuals attract attention, but your cutlines will provide customers with a description so they can learn even more about your products and services.

Find an eye-catching color scheme:
If you are planning to print in full color quality, make sure your color scheme is solid and appealing. You will want to ensure that all of your eye-catching artwork is well perceived by choosing colors that are complimentary, but also contrasting. Brilliant hues and bright shades are great, but black and white are crucial to organizing your creativity, so find a balance.

Don’t neglect your headlines and subheads:
Rather than just filling the pages of your booklets with blocks of texts and photos, make sure you add headlines and subheadlines to categorize your content for customers. They draw attention to the information and add a professional appearance to your finished products. Come up with clever and accurately descriptive headlines to make sure your designs will leave an impact.

Incorporate business branding:
For the best results, you will want to incorporate business branding into your print marketing material. This should come in the form of your brightly colored logo, tagline, business name and of course contact information. Even if your products and services are represented well, you need to provide up-to-date contact information to make sure that your customers will know how to get in touch with you.