B2B and B2C Advertising With Letterhead

There are two types of marketing that take place whenever a company chooses to go with a new letterhead ad campaign. One is called b2b, or business-to-business in which one company executes a campaign solely in cahoots with another similar company that has similar interests at heart, which is usually to increase revenue and awareness about their products and services on a dual scale. The other is b2c and stands for business-to-consumer in which all marketing is directed toward influencing consumer opinions. Either way, letterhead printing can help conjure mass interest in favor of the instigator.

B2B Letterheads

Usually when one company chooses to do business with another, it is because of a few different reasons. Perhaps one of the entities is struggling in the market and needs some assistance that could help both of them. Maybe it is a simple effort to think outside the box by using innovation to garner greater public appeal and thus, increased sales. A custom printed letterhead can serve as a crucial means of communication with the other business involved by showing them that no matter what the situation is, the one sending the letter is still a professional organization at the end of the day with something worthwhile to offer.

They can be used to stay in regular contact with CEOs, CFOs and other integral parts of the company such as controllers, directors, managers and accounting clerks. They are ideal for sending out mailers to other vendors that announce the partnership or the next new wave of products that have been branded with not one but two names concurrently. They are the perfect reminders that there is something new brewing around your own office that will likely shake the place up a little bit more than you are used to in favor of higher profit margins and ultimately, conversion. Letterheads are the ultimate branding tool in this regard and should be used for everything from standard scratch paper to official documentation.

B2C Letterhead

The customer needs to know that you are a legitimate enterprise that will be there for them when the need strikes. These pieces of paper exhibit confidence and lend legitimacy to your reputation as a business. The top part of the letterhead printing normally houses all the important information such as contact numbers, names, logos and designs that support your overall theme. If you simply wrote everything on blank paper stock, your words would seem less legitimate in the eyes of your customers. That is why it should be a definite part of your marketing repertoire as an attachment to products, mailing documentation and more. Get some of your own printed today at an online printing company that cares about your reputation.