Astronomical Ideas For Postcard Printing

Nowadays, high-definition images are being placed on postcards due to their astonishing visual appeal. But none are as brilliant as the kind that is put on display in our nightly skies on a regular basis. Some photographers go around the world in search of the next great image, which would make for more than one great use on postcard printing. Next time you wish to sell these pieces of stationery with an added bonus of a dazzling astronomy-related picture, check out these ideas for the best results.

Hubble Telescope

Perhaps the most advanced photographing instrument in the world lies within the massive lens of the Hubble Space Telescope. The images this giant floating module sends back to Earth dwarf any quality taken with a standard SLR camera. It has the power to reach deep into space, sometimes many light years away, to capture stunning images at the highest level of quality imaginable. Anything that gets beamed back is worth putting on the front of your custom postcards (seriously, just Google it and prepare to be in awe.)


When gases and dust collect in outer space, it can be one breathtaking image after another. There is not always a set form when it comes to these realms of activity, making them all the more beautiful to view firsthand. Famous ones include the Crab Nebula, Eagle Nebula and the Cat’s Eye, which are loaded with full color aesthetic. These are perfect for sharing with your eager young astronomers whenever they visit the science museum and wish to pick up postcards from your shop.


The act of an exploding ball of energy might not sound completely appetizing, but to astronomers and space enthusiasts of all different walks, it is one of the most exciting events to ever occur in the cosmos. They are brightly illuminated and give off an unfathomable amount of energy that they make for the ideal photographs. When you apply an aqueous or UV coat to your postcard printing, it brings out the glistening appeal of just such a set of images. Make sure you explore the ways in which to bring more life to an already gorgeous design.


The mere thought of a galaxy on the front of a small printed postcard kind of goes hand in hand with the idea of them. Galaxies are so incredibly massive (once again, fairly inconceivable), that size comparisons to anything we know as humans is just silly. They are generally millions of light years in diameter and make for an excellent image when incorporated with custom printing. It is precisely these kinds of things that make us marvel at the facets of our universe that we simply do not understand enough about, and probably never will.