A Quick Guide To Catalog Printing

Before venturing into a catalog printing project with your online printer, you should know that it is one of the most effective decisions for the right businesses. Mostly, companies will seek to print catalogs that dazzle and amaze while inciting people to remember their specific brand and unique offers. No matter where you choose to get them printed, it is a good thing to gain a better understanding of the types of issues you will address with your printer of choice. They will likely have a few questions for you while you have some for them. Just so it is not a surprise, here is a list of things you should have a pretty clear idea about before going down this path.


What is the building block of a solid campaign using custom printed catalogs? Answer: the paper stock. The life of a catalog is typically much longer than other traditional forms of marketing (i.e. flyers, postcards.) This is achievable only with the correct type of paper. Most standard catalogs on the market today use at least 100# gloss text stock in order to maintain a thicker feel that still allows for a nice “give” to your page-turning. But some businesses are cutting costs, which makes a 70# option a go-to choice a lot of the time.

Pages And Sizes

These are two of the biggest factors in the final cost of your catalog printing. You should always narrow down to an exact point just how many pages you will need. Ask your marketing department head if your company absolutely needs the extra real estate. Most catalog sizes are 8.5×11 and serve as a constant reminder that your favorite retailer is here to provide the best possible styles for any given season. But you can always order smaller sizes if you want to change up the norm just a little bit.

Direct Mailing Services

This is the single biggest helper for any type of business that wants to print catalogs. You can’t always rely on people to come by your store front (if it exists at all) and pick up your prints voluntarily. That’s why a well-rounded mailing campaign can help you reach people by demographic. More online printers are specializing in this tactic (which can take on an entire department of its own.) All you need to do is provide them the specs for your catalogs as well as a mailing list of all your customers. In fact, oftentimes they will have these lists for sale too, giving you just one more option to choose from.


Most catalog printers will allow you to pick between receiving an electronic proof (which is usually free) and getting a hard copy proof delivered straight to your door. It can be advantageous to view these by email as it will help speed the process along. But a hard copy can be perfect for human review when it comes to physical feel and appeal.