A Catalog Printing Checklist

When you set out on the internet in search of catalog printing companies that can take care of all your needs, you should always have a list of things at hand to check off as you complete them. This means reaffirming the most important parts of your printed catalogs to make sure they reflect your company’s values as well as those based on customer demand. You can’t afford to make mistakes in your custom print jobs, otherwise your customers will not take you as seriously as you might have hoped. It becomes even more important to get things right if this is one of your few big pushes each year to bring in revenue (i.e. during Christmas time.)

Front and Back Covers

Your front cover is perhaps the most important aspect of your catalogs, simply because it must strike a reader the right way in order to make them pick it up and thumb through it (and hopefully keep it for future reference.) Many people forget about the importance of the backside though too, which is often used to inkjet address the piece for a mailing campaign or to highlight ordering details and contact information. Together, they form a bond that solidifies the reason why you even ordered them in the first place: to sell people on your brand and your top of the line products and services.

Table of Contents

Does it take people to the appropriate page? Can they understand every little category, especially when you use industry language that might not be as apparent to the non-technical customer? Make sure that every part is directed toward where you want it to go so that people do not get lost as they attempt to navigate your piece.


Before sending your catalogs to the printers, you should always check over any images, color combinations, body text and contact information. Images should be at least 300 DPI or higher (referring to dots-per-inch resolution.) Sometimes in the process of turning everything over to your print provider, things get skewed, colors get altered, fold and bleed lines disappear and so on. Proofread everything and make sure it is all in order to be printed.

Ordering Page

Since the catalog was invented, it has been a source for information as well as ordering. Whenever you present the hottest new deals on the market to your customers, they will surely want to know the quickest way to buy them. The internet certainly helps in this day and age, but it is not the failsafe option. Some old-school believers still find an innate satisfaction when they order out of a catalog. Some just like to know that they are not going to get scammed. This way, there is a sense of security, which means you should do everything you can to double-check that this page is fully functional.