6 Tips for Tasty Business Cards

If you are in the business of food, you definitely want your business cards to entice the taste buds of your customers. Here are the 6 biggest tips for designing contact cards that will have your customers craving for your tasty dishes.

1. Create full color cards with vibrant photos. This is the most important visual aspect of your business cards. If you can craft your printing with great pics of your food, people will want to turn to you for their next meal.

2. Come up with a catchy tagline and go for it. If you want to draw people to your food services, make sure you come up with the perfect way to say what your business is all about. Tip: Make sure it is short and sweet (or salty)!

3. Use the back of your cards! Whether you are putting promotions or extra photos on the back, it is definitely important to use both sides. If you want to make your cards magnetic, that is also a great use of the backside.

4. Include more than just the basic contact information. Phone number and address are so common these days, but if you want customers to really connect with your company, let people know how to follow you on Twitter and “like” you on Facebook!

5. Feature your most popular food items! If you have a fan favorite pizza or award-winning sandwich, let people know by blazing the photos you are most proud of on the business card trail!

6. Add incentives for your customers. If you offer delivery services or any other convenient food services, give people a reason to choose you! Throw in a free side item or put a percent-off deal on your business cards and people will absolutely adore you for it!