5 Ways to Use Booklets in the Auto Industry

When it comes to crafting the perfect marketing campaign for your automotive company, booklet printing just may be the key to your success. Booklets are a great way to introduce a bulk of information and stunning photos to your customers without overwhelming them. Because you can print booklets in 8 to 48 pages, you can spread out your information and make each page perfect.

If you are breaking down the benefits of tires, providing an auto care guide for car owners or promoting the latest car on the lot, make sure you use as many full color photos as you can. Depending on what size booklet layout you choose, photos can fill the pages and are almost always more effective than the text. Poignant summary and catch headlines paired with relevant, high-resolution photos is the perfect combination for your promotions.

If you want to turn your designs up a notch, make sure you include coupons or promotions. This gives customers an extra incentive to come into your shop (or back into your store if they are displayed there) for your products and services. You can tease the fact that they are inside your booklets on the cover, and then spread them out throughout to keep your customers flipping from page to page.

If you are creating a booklet to promote the newest cars for sale, it is really important to get everything perfect. Buying a car is a big step and a definite financial investment for your customers, so you want to present your automobiles in the best light for them. If you can find a way to present your products in a way that is interesting and informative, your booklets are bound to be effective.