5 Summer Parade Printed Handouts For Businesses

There are several ways to go about advertising at your local parade, including but not limited to brochure printing, business cards, Frisbees, calendars, stress relievers, postcards and booklets. With so much hubbub happening all over the city, it is the prime opportunity to print brochures and other ads that are easily distributed along the annual parade route. People make it a habit to bring bags to fill with candy, promo information, coupons and other goodies that are regular staples of one of America’s greatest traditions. Here is a quick look at what you can do to help your own business during this festive time.


Printed brochures can help you get the word out to parade-goers, which is especially useful in that families come from miles around to take part. It is your best time to market to demographics that reside in different places other than your own town. Tri-fold and bi-fold style are quite popular and make for a very easy and portable way to let people know about your hair salon packages, sporting goods store, fireplace and furniture outlet and many more.


Another quick and easy tactic, not to mention inexpensive, a postcard can be perfect for this event. You can institute a call-and-response campaign in which you pre-purchase the postage and offer something that will make the customer mail it back in free of charge. Maybe it is a simple questionnaire and a request for an email address to stay in contact or perhaps it is to enter a drawing to win a free MP3 player. People will react if you provide enough incentive to do so in your favor so keep this in mind when printing them online.


Although they can be much larger than a custom brochure, booklets tell a small story that are perfect for attendees to quickly thumb through as they are sitting comfortably on the sidewalk or median. They can be wafer-sealed at the printing company’s facility and handed out with the help of a small workforce. Make sure to wear matching t-shirts that further advertise the business as they can add flare to your booklets and give an overall sense of togetherness.


How many people can say they have received a calendar at a parade before? Depending on what time of year it is (the earlier or later it is, the better), these can be perfect as a guide for customers and their upcoming schedules. Plus, it serves as an ad every day of the year!

Business Cards

Perhaps the quickest form of hand-delivery is the business card. Make it an even better package by stapling it to a printed brochure. This helps people identify and contact you in multiple ways.