5 Professionals That Should Always Have A Business Card

Nowadays almost every person whether they are employed or not should have a professional business card on them at all times. That goes especially for the people who are fortunate enough to have a career doing something they love. Business card printing is like the key to open new doors with clients from different backgrounds and current needs. They make for a great addition to the conversation and can yield some cool ROIs because they are inexpensive yet powerful. Are you the kind of person that could benefit from them?

Business Card Printing


These professionals interact with personal clients on a daily basis. This means that they need to be in contact whenever the market is fluctuating. Changes need to be made to accommodate the rise and fall of stocks so it is important to have a business card that reflects all the ways your customers can get a hold of you. There should be a personal relationship established because portfolios are usually under the supervision of the same investor. These little pieces can certainly help get you in the right place.

Business Cards

Graphic Designers

A great way to showcase the talents of graphic designers everywhere, business cards can be a stupendous form of marketing with a whole lot of colors going on. Not only that, but custom graphics fit easily onto the space, providing for a well-balanced front and back side. Imagine introducing yourself as a designer only to have a real-life example of your work to back you up. Plus, freelance work is always needed, which makes the position a great contract hire for several different companies at a time.

Business Card Printing

Real Estate Agents

Try looking for a home and not seeing the faces of realtors on every flyer, business card and brochure. This is yet another industry that is heavy on personal contacts and relationships. Most homeowners will go on to make a lifelong effort to maintain a decent property and perhaps move around a bit as the need calls for it (i.e. bigger families, work-related issues). Putting yourself in touch with the public in this way makes for a functional printed business card through and through.

Business Cards

Home Builders

Contractors are always busy building a variety of home styles for clients. The public image of your company can rest on how well you sell yourself, your reputation and your skills, all of which can be clearly printed on a custom business card. Leaving a small stack behind after finishing a house is a great way of networking with other contacts.


Just like home builders, landscaping architects must stay ahead of the curve and keep reaching out to individuals in their community with the help of custom marketing products. Leave them at recently finished houses, home and garden shows and more to make the best impact.

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