5 Creative Flyer Ideas

If you want an effective marketing method that can really get the word out about whatever you are promoting, flyer printing is a great approach! A simple format and eye-catching appeal make flyers a poignant outlet for your message. But with a blank slate, the creative process can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few design ideas to help set your flyer printing apart from the rest.

  1. Tailor your layout to feature one stunning photo:

    If you have a great photo that can sum up your printing purpose better than words, make it large and use it as the basis of your design. Sometimes, pictures can speak louder than words, so if you have the right imagery, your designs can really go far.

  2. Make an oversized statement:

    If you have something to really say, scream it from the rooftops with a big bold statement that can fill the content of your flyer designs. If you have the right message, you can do the opposite of a feature photo and let your words lead the way. But it will only really work if you make it concise, punchy and visually appealing.

  3. Create contrasts with a good color scheme:

    From afar, your flyers should be able to translate your designs in an influential way. Without good contrast, be it black and white or a combination or colors, this won’t be achievable. Colors that are too similar to each other and aren’t paired with a contrasting black or really light hue will appear mucky to the onlookers and you could get overlooked completely. So whenever possible, make the details jump off the page with your use of color.

  4. Simplify your marketing style:

    Rather than blasting too many photos or too many words on your flyer designs, keep it simple by balancing the two. If you are stuck on what to do with your graphics or whether or not to add a border, remember the rule of three and try to avoid adding any more than three focal points on the page.

  5. Don’t forget about business branding:

    You may get so caught up in the promotional aspect of the flyer that you forget to incorporate information about your business. Before you send your finished flyer files to the printer, make sure you have included contacting information and your logo so people will remember you, rather than just what you are promoting.