5 Common Uses For Business Postcard Printing

Many times businesses turn to postcard printing because of its inexpensive nature, ease of design and overall utility when it comes to sending a clear and concise message. They do not take as long to set up as, say, a catalog or booklet, are simple to convey to an online printer and can be mailed for next to nothing. These make custom postcards a quick solution to a short-term problem. As a business owner, you can offer great discounts, cut-out coupons or even PR techniques like an announcement of a property remodeling or revamping of your services. Those are fairly common tactics, but here are a few more to spice up your business’ future.

Table Tents

A printed postcard can be folded and cut for a specific purpose, in this case, as a table tent card. They are perfect for propping up on visible counter space at public venues and other high-traffic areas. They could be used as a reminder of your company’s services, a timely deal to be taken advantage of and a whole lot more that your creative mind can conjure up. Plus, you can work to make deals with local establishment owners, set up a mailing campaign to these people and get them distributed more efficiently than ever having to set foot on their property (although you might want to so you can ensure quality and placement.)

Holiday Greetings

This is the ultimate in goodwill gestures during the happy holidays of the year. It is especially called for when your company is doing well or has recently made some headway that required a massive collected effort. Keeping your workers happy and appreciated is part of the unspoken role of businesses everywhere. Luckily, all it takes is direct mail campaign using a nice set of custom postcard printing to make people feel cherished. Just make sure to be genuine in your intentions!


History has shown that postcards make for the best invitations, whether they are for a retirement gathering, a child’s birthday party, a splendid wedding or engagement and even religious events like a bar mitzvah party or confirmation event. They are perfect because they do not require a custom envelope. You can simply apply the postage (or have your online printer take care of all the mailing for you) and drop it in the mailbox.

Direct Mail Advertising

There is nothing like a postcard sent directly to a mob demographic to get them to buy from you. Some people simply need this type of catalyst to act upon. Others appreciate being thought of when it comes to some of their favorite shops.


Here is a fresh thought: instead of printing full-on page-turning newsletters, why not put your organization’s crucial information on a large postcard? It would save your budget a lot of undue stress while keeping everybody informed at the same time. There is no limit to your own creativity, which is why online printing is ideal in these situations!