4 Ways That Business Cards Are Like Social Networks

Your business card printing is very much like a social network, except for all of the up-to-the-minute updating. Nonetheless, your elements can stand out as if they were plucked from Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. Business cards usually follow a pretty standard regimen of patterns that indicate a few key points that most people want to know about a company and its employees. Here are a few ways that those patterns mimic the main facets of these networks.

Slogans and Status Updates

Your company’s taglines might be updated every now and again, but that is beside the point. A networking status update tells the world what you are thinking at any given point. For a business, this should be neatly wrapped in a catchy phrase or otherwise something that can be remembered easily. When a professional includes something that is just off-key enough to make people think differently about a particular subject (in this case, their own products and services), it works well for that person.

Profile Images and Photo Albums

Bankers, lawyers, real estate agents and other small business servicers generally carry around their business cards that proudly display their professional profile. Customers appreciate knowing they have a personable contact at a particular firm, regardless of whether or not they have met them in person. If a person looks like they care, it can be one good step in the right direction for that employee. These also translate nicely onto the website of the professional entity as a sort of kaleidoscope of faces that are on hand to help their customers out at any given moment.

Official Web Site and The Wall

Your business cards should have an online element to them in the fact that they usher customers to visit their resources on the web. Your web site should be a platform for new information to develop, announcements and customer feedback whenever possible. It makes your company look good in the public eye as well as give everybody a forum for interacting with each other and the offerings located online. Newspapers, funeral homes and even professional contractors all use this to their advantage and they do it wisely.

Contact Information and the News Feed

What happens in the news feed? People like to communicate their ideas and beckon people to scope out the things that they have discovered. Print business cards today with all of your necessary contact information to keep people in the know about what is happening around the marketplace as well as inside the walls of your business. Unlike the network’s updates, these points of interest will go relatively unchanged for years, however the notion remains the same which is to get in touch with what is currently relevant in the lives of the customers.