4 Design Tips For Postcard Printing

Designing your own postcard printing can be fun, challenging and worthwhile if you can focus on driving customers toward your business. You do not need to have any prior graphic design experience or even the most comprehensive ideas for making custom postcards that fit the style and tone you are looking for. An online printer is always around to help you put some life into the front and backside so that no matter who picks it up and from where, you will have a fair shot at convincing them that you have the best offer in town.

Give It Some Fizz

Like a good soda pop, your printed postcards should fizz when somebody glances over them. In order to make this happen, have you provided enough full color designs? Bold headlines and bright imagery? A custom size and paper type that help with the feel and the look? People instantly gravitate toward those types of things so it is important to include a well-thought-out approach to the aesthetical representation of your pieces as a whole. A glossy coating would be a nice addition to whatever it is you ultimately choose so keep that in mind when you are purchasing your project online.

Offer 1-2 Things

There is not much room on a single postcard to include a life story about your business and 8 different coupons. That is why most marketers focus on one or two aspects of their business that they would like to promote and hit them hard. When you start to stray from the main point of your entire campaign, there is not much sense in ordering hundreds of pieces anymore. You need to get right to the call to action and wow the public with your design creativity and incredible deals if you want to get a quality response back from them.

Get Them To Go Online

Every kind of print marketing today whether it is a brochure, business card, booklet, catalog or postcard should try to beckon people to visit their web site for more information. Because postcards cannot carry that much information to begin with, it is imperative you get them on the web in order to help them navigate everything your company has to offer. The internet offers simple ways to purchase products in a streamlined fashion, interact with customer service representatives and figure out other key dynamics of a particular service or product.

Test It On A Sample

Maybe you are unsure whether or not your campaign aims will satisfy your broad customer base. That is okay because you can easily order short run postcard printing (of about 50-100 pieces) and send them to a small sample in order to better measure how well they will do. If you do not get the response you wished for, start over and try again!