10 Postcard Marketing Tips

If you want your direct marketing campaigns to really pop, you need to develop the right postcard designs. From promoting new products to pushing the latest sales and services, postcard printing can be as versatile and as varied as you make it. Here are 10 great tips and tricks to turn your designs into effective marketing:

1. Pair your printing with the perfect tagline. This should be the first thing you decide on when you start turning your printing gears. A great slogan or tagline will put your promotions on the fast track to success.

2. Find an eye-catching color scheme: Your full color printing postcard designs will really thrive from the perfect contrast of colors that pop.

3. Blend bold colors with classic black-and-white: While bright hues are great attention grabbers, don’t underestimate the power of black text and a white background. Color is best used with a balance of both.

4. Front and back printing gives you more to work with: If you want to double your dose of promotion on one printing product, print on both sides of your marketing material. This gives you more room to leave the right impression.

5. Feature a specific product or service: For the best results, use your designs to spread the word about your newest offerings so customers can really get excited about their great features.

6. Add festive photos and graphics: The best way to use full color printing is to put vibrant images and bright accents on your designs. These are powerful methods to grab eyes, but make sure they are relevant.

7. Cut out the clutter with simple designs: You don’t have to fill your designs to the brim to make an impact. In fact, simplicity is often a great method for garnering sales, so find a way to condense your designs to avoid distraction.

8. Make sure your words are error-free: You don’t want to spend so much time on the design elements that you lose sight of what your marketing is actually saying. Make sure your message is powerful and free from grammatical and spelling errors.

9. Add brilliant shine with coatings: High gloss UV and aqueous coatings will give your postcards a protective and polished layer that can do a lot for your business branding.

10. Don’t forget to add a dose of your company to the mix: You need to make sure that you don’t lose your professional personality along the way. Before you put the finishing touches on your designs, make sure you have included your contact information, logo and business name.