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Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
  1. Printed Catalogs are a great way to showcase a large inventory of products in one place.  In order for your catalogs to be successful, there are several things to make sure are included when designing them.
  2. Keep your catalog organized.  For example, if you have different categories of products, or products for different genders, keep them grouped together.  You don’t want your reader to feel thrown off from page to page.
  3. Use high quality images in your printed catalogs.  A great photo of a product can make or break the sale of that product.  If possible, show the product being used by somebody.  You want the reader to feel as though buying this product would improve their life in some way.
  4. Describe the featured products in detail.  You want your reader to feel confident enough to purchase the product.  Try to predict common questions that would be asked about the product and answer them through the description. 
  5. Have an alternate source of information available to your readers.  Catalogs are, of course, another great marketing tool for your business.  Make sure you have your website and contact information displayed where the reader can easily see it while paging through.  This way, they will feel more comfortable knowing that there are alternate options for their purchase.  Some people are just not comfortable ordering without physically seeing the product or talking to a salesperson.
  6. Consider delivering your catalogs in custom printed envelopesSimpleprint has several envelope sizes to choose from.  Containing your catalog in a printed envelope not only looks more professional, but it also ensures that your catalog will arrive in great shape. 


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Simpleprint uses #70 paper, uncoated for the standard letterhead.

  • How many colors can I use for my letterhead?

We have four color font available for the front, and a blank back side.

  • Second sheets?

Yes, you can choose from second sheets or no second sheets

  • Why use letterhead?

Letterhead is a great way to reinforce your company and help you build your brand.  It is so much more professional looking than your stand 8.5×11 sheet of blank white paper.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

We offer six different postcard sizes for your convenience; ranging from traditional 4×6 to 6×11.

  • How many colors can I use when designing my postcards?

We offer 4-Color printing on both front and back, or just on the front with a blank back.

  • What types of coating options are available?

Simpleprint offers four different coatings: aqueous, high gloss UV front only, high gloss UV both front and back, or no coating at all.

  • How about paper types?

We use high quality 14pt paper for all of our postcards, regardless of the size.  You can choose from a gloss cover, or an uncoated cover.

  • What are the most popular uses for postcards?

Typically, our customers order postcards for direct mail campaigns, invitations, thank you cards, etc.  But you can create your postcards and use them for whatever purposes you see fit.

  • What is a good tip for creating my postcards?

Make your point quickly!  And use bright, vivid images.

Door Hangers

Friday, October 22nd, 2010
  • Do you have more than one size door hanger to print on?

Yes.  Simpleprint offers four different sizes ranging from 8.5” x 3.5” Door Hangers to 14” x 4” door hangers.

  • What type of printing can be done on my door hangers?

We offer 4-color printing on the front side and you can choose to leave the back side blank or have 4-color printing on both the front and back sides of your door hangers.

  • What paper types do you use for door hangers?

You can choose between 14pt gloss cover or 14pt cover, uncoated.

  • What are my coating/finishing options?

Simpleprint offers four choices.  Aqueous coating, HiGloss Front only, HiGloss front and back, or no coating (for uncoated paper).

  • Can I make a tear off portion at the bottom of my door hanger?

Absolutely.  You get to design your door hangers however you like.  If you would like to add a perforation at the bottom of the door hanger to include a business card or special coupon, we can accommodate that for you. 

  • How much will my door hangers cost me?

If you purchase 250 door hangers, the price per unit is $.36.  But, the higher quantity you order, the lower the price per unit will become.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Yes.  Simpleprint offers five sizes for you to choose from, ranging in size from 5.5” x 8.5” to 12” x 12”.

  • How many pages can I have in my catalog?

You can make your catalog as short or as long as you need.  The smallest amount of pages we offer is eight pages, which includes the cover and four pages.  The largest catalog we offer is 48 pages, which includes the cover and 44 pages.

  • How many options do I have for paper type and coating?

Two.  You can choose between 70# text, uncoated or 100# text gloss.

  • What about the cover of my catalog?

You can decide between a self cover or a 100# gloss cover.

Yes.  No matter the size or page count, all catalogs are finished with an aqueous coating. 

  • How about tab options?

Choose between no tabs, a single tab or a double tab.

  • How are the catalogs binded?

Simpleprint binds all catalogs with a saddle stitch binding, which means the catalog is stapled on the left or long side of the catalog.

  • What are popular catalog types?

There are a variety of uses for custom printed catalogs including product catalogs, direct mail catalogs, supply catalogs, retail and wholesale catalogs, etc.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010
  • Do you offer more than one size for printed Calendars?

Yes.  Simpleprint offers 6” x 9” calendars as well as 12 x 9” calendars.

  • What is the page count for your calendars?

There are 28 total pages: 24 pages plus the cover. 

  • What paper types and finishes do you offer?

Simpleprint offers you two choices for your custom calendars.  You can choose from 70# text that is uncoated or 100# text gloss.

  • What are my options for the cover stock?

You can either have a self cover or a 100# gloss cover.

  • Do all calendars have a hole drilled into them?

No.  You can choose a no drilling option, otherwise we will drill one hole at the top center of your calendars.

  • What about tabs?

Simpleprint offers you the option of no tabs, one tab, or two tabs.

  • What are the most common uses for printed calendars?

Custom printed calendars are perfect for a variety of uses.  Holiday gifts, corporate marketing, charity promotions and fundraisers are all great examples of uses for printed calendars

  • What are popular types of calendars that people create?

Your calendars can have whatever theme you choose, but most of the time people stick with either a product, sports team, or a nature or recreation theme.  Remember who your audience will be when designing your custom calendars.

Ordering Your Printing Online

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

There are so many online printing companies available today.  It is up to you which printer you think will best meet your needs and deliver you the highest quality product.

At Simpleprint, we make it easy to create your printing materials online with our idea center filled with information, as well as real customer service reps waiting to answer your questions.  Even though it’s an online company, we still keep it personal.

Ordering printing offline is pretty much split up into three easy steps.  First, simply select the product you want to print; a catalog, Business Cards, Booklets, etc.  Then you will be able to upload your files directly onto our site and leave the rest to us.  You will then simply pay for your order and wait for it to ship in the mail.

The only tricky part can come in the design/layout phase.  We do have templates for you to use and make sure your images and text fits the space you are going to use, but this step is largely up to you.  But if you have questions, we have answers and friendly reps to help you along the way.
Be sure to use an online printer that is committed to the quality of your product like Simpleprint is.  We are backed by 30 years in the printing business and have our system down to a science.  We are not satisfied unless you are.