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Booklet Options To Consider

Monday, May 30th, 2011

A booklet is a fairly versatile piece of marketing designed to pique a customer’s interest and elaborate enough for them to make a purchase. Without considering all the angles, you might create a booklet order with little flare or direction. You want to avoid having just another pile of papers sitting around. Check out these finishing options for an ideal marketing campaign.

Custom Booklets should have premium quality materials in order to be fully effective. This means choosing an appropriate paper stock (online printers have tons of them) and quantity, ink combination and stitching option (side and saddle-style are popular along with complete bindery services.) Apply an aqueous or UV coating for a gorgeous shine and extra protection.

Most of the time you can choose whether or not to make the interior pages of your custom booklet the same paper type and gloss as the cover or different. This will influence your final price so it’s good to think about before placing an order. If you want the piece to look fluid all the way through, you might want to opt for a self-cover option.

Call your online printer today for more custom options when it comes to beautiful booklet marketing and beyond. Some places even provide direct mailing services so you can relax easier knowing your products will be distributed according to your customer lists. Keep the beginning, middle and end in sight and your printing will never run astray.

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Booklet Printing and Direct Mailing

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Booklet Printing is one of those marketing tools that makes for a perfect addition to a direct mailing campaign. Most of the time it isn’t enough to leave your booklet printing out for the taking – you need a solid plan of action. One way to distribute your finished products is to send them straight to the customers, and the good news is there are online printers out there that do it all.

While the thought of creating your own print products is enticing to some in today’s economy, it can actually cost you a lot more of your budget, time and energy than you initially considered. Imagine not having to address each envelope or seal each piece of custom booklet printing, not to mention paying for postage and clearing all federal regulations at the post office.

Online printers/mailers save you all the hassle in one simple, inexpensive process. You won’t have to worry about pre-sorting, oversized mail, business reply mailers and managing customer lists when you order booklet printing. They’ll even wafer-seal the side for easy transport if you choose to send them sans envelope. Let an online printing place take care of the total package for you today and you’ll be surprised at how easy life can be.

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Door Hanger Printing For Political Campaigns

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Door Hanger Printing is an often overlooked means of marketing a business, but it can also be used in a variety of other ways including political campaigns. An official candidate for public office uses every means necessary to declare his or her platform and garner enough votes for the election, including custom door hanger printing. It’s a slick way of getting the grassroots vote that helped make 2008 such a memorable year in politics.

Whether you’re running for state office or a local city council, it can be extremely beneficial to launch this type of campaign alongside other methods such as Brochures, Flyers, custom envelopes, Postcards and even Calendars. With door hanger printing, you can customize your size, the type of gloss and die-cut used, whether or not you want a perforation for an easy tear-away business card option and more.

Custom door hanger printing is effective mostly because residents can’t avoid your piece. When they arrive home from work or vacation, your vision for a better future stares them right in the face and makes it more likely they’ll bring it inside and keep it simply because it’s a door hanger and not an average piece of mail they receive daily. Make your voice be heard with your online printer today.

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Print Business Cards Online

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Print Business Cards online for some of the best deals the printing industry has to offer. Local places don’t always provide the proper technology or prices to print business cards for a new age of marketing. Still other online printers will lead you down a path to hidden charges and inaccuracies. Find somebody you can trust, and then check out these ways to shake things up a little.

Nobody likes the same old boring card nowadays, especially within our increasingly diversified local and global markets. A quick way to print business cards that will strike a chord is to change the orientation. Millions go with traditional landscape-style cards but where’s the rulebook for that? Go with a vertical setup next time and your card will automatically shoot up in standout value.

Ever tried an online template? Most printers provide them for free so you can add your favorite content to a print-ready form, which speeds up the overall process. Manipulate images, add splashes of color and balance your layout with just a few clicks.

Some places print business cards with special inks, embossing or simply on a translucent card stock. These can include metallic or neon inks as well as other specialties like glow-in-the-dark. Having this incorporated with clear plastic cards can be a great way of fleshing out your next order.

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Print Postcards For Good Causes

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Print Postcards today with a trusted online printer for maximum effect the next time you have a good cause to promote. Often times tragedy strikes, charities look for aid and booster clubs need to make it to a competition, giving all the more reason to print postcards effectively. The way to a potential donor’s heart is to give them a worthy reason to give.

Perhaps you need to help a loved one obtain the proper funding to treat a rare disease or an untimely medical issue. Small and medium-sized communities come together often to print postcards that urge the public to act. A photo of those afflicted is a way that people draw an empathetic connection so consider this before you place an order.

On a lighter note, if your high school’s booster club or special entity concerning a group of students needs to get the word out, print postcards to send to all the parents. It’s a much faster method to print them and ship through an online medium. Make sure you include any pertinent donating information and relevant websites in case they want to take further action or learn more about your cause. Couple this with a healthy Flyers and table tent cards campaign for the kind of response you’re looking for.

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Booklet Printers

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Booklet Printers can help you achieve your marketing goals in just a few easy steps. It’s something nobody should have to pay more for while getting less and yet booklet printers everywhere are skimping on quality to save themselves a buck or two. At Simpleprint, it’s a little different.

Not only will you find booklet printers who cater to any type of business, but they have more than 30 years of printing expertise under their belts to provide you an even better full-service solution. Most business owners need more than just a stack of paper – they need design assistance, customizable options and a well-rounded direct mail marketing campaign.

Ask yourself: “Would I want to assemble all this myself?” Most would answer an emphatic “No way,” however our custom booklet printers leap at the chance to provide precision craftsmanship at reasonable costs. That means every brilliantly-detailed page, folding scheme, coating and piece of stitching is done with utmost perfection in mind.

Other places charge an arm and a leg for quality that is easily exceeded right here under one roof. Call to assemble your plan of action today – it’ll only take you a few minutes! The more your customers know about you, the better off you’ll be.

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Calendar Printing – Tricks to Save Money

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Calendar Printing is already a pricy endeavor, no matter where you shop for your print marketing materials. Once you’ve settled on an online printer you can trust, cheap calendar printing isn’t too hard to obtain if you know what to look for and adjust. Some companies will try to get you into the Cadillacs of the print world but the real truth is you don’t need these to be effective if you have the right message in place.

To save a little more money on your calendar printing order, you should first consider the paper stock. Printers have a broad array of types to choose from and picking a lesser weight is a surefire way to reduce your costs. Another way is to skip the coating on the interior pages. Calendars should have some type of glossy coating for the exterior of the piece as an introductory statement about your company and its values. However, many places give you the option of omitting this for the inside.

Binding is another thing that runs the total bill up. Try a side- or saddle-stitching option in place of spiral binding and perfect bindings. This still achieves a professional look without shelling out the extra dough for something that might not be as important as other aspects. Don’t be afraid to opt for an eco-friendly calendar printing provider either as this can drive your costs down while keeping quality up.

Customized Folders Online

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Customized Folder Printing can help your business organize itself from the inside out. As your operation becomes more unique by the day, so too will your print marketing materials that call for customized folders to be filed accordingly. The worst thing to a business can have going for it is disorganization – these will help fix it.

If you can envision it, your customized folders can have it. Online printers have the technology to affix your logo, high-definition imagery, tabs and Business Cards slits, among others, to your folder order to increase awareness and make it easy for people to recognize your name. They’re perfect for presentations, offices and on-the-go professionals.

Imagine if your customers and employees used your custom folder in a daily, practical way. Not only do they serve as functional filers, they remind people that you can assist them in more ways than one. True business success revolves around being able to help people on multiple fronts. This is just one of those additions to your marketing repertoire that won’t go unnoticed.

When it’s customized folders you seek, don’t hesitate to print them online with the help of an experienced printer. You’ll find the best deals and get exactly the kind of branding elements you wish for the complete package.

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Design and Layout Tips for Business Card Printing

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Business Card Printing can help you market yourself for a new age of business. Your calling card should always be changing with the times in order to achieve crucial business connections with the aid of business card printing. How exactly does one go about doing this? It’s all about who you’re marketing to and what they will find most useful when it comes to contacting you for services.

By now, most people are aware that black and white simply doesn’t cut it anymore. To gain the competitive edge, your custom business card printing should incorporate lots of color, even if you’re only using one or two. People tend to become bored with blank space so make sure their eyes are being entertained. Of course, this should work toward functionality too so keep your branding efforts in mind when creating the right color combination.

Since we are currently in the digital age, it’s wise to include some sort of internet interactivity somewhere on the card. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular for locating your business online. A web address is certainly the standard for driving customers to your business on the web so be sure you don’t forget. Even promo codes for discounts on products can be a helpful tool in getting more customers.

Get these and more ideas from an online printer who cares today. Set up your Business Cards order in seconds and experience real simplicity at work for you now.

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Pocket Folder Options for Success

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Pocket Folders options aren’t exceptionally vast, but people are finding ways to create them with a little more flare than if they were to buy them blank at an average office supply chain. As with any marketing strategy, you should always incorporate the use of full color images, logos and other designs when printing pocket folder orders. Here are a few more tips for making the most out of them the next time around.

You have to view your project as a vehicle for using printing products in multiple ways. Think of all the ways you could use a pocket folder: as a holder, a presentation tool, a branding exercise, and now a business card purveyor. Ask your online printer to incorporate a slit in the pockets for an easy Business Cards attachment. This way your customers always have your contact information around along with any pertinent documentation to go with it.

Customized options are yet another way to differentiate your printing from the competition. Give your order some organizational tabs or choose a die-cut and hole-drilling design that uses the front and inside as a means of convincing people to open it up (i.e. a staring eye looking out at the recipient.) Add a glossy coating and your pocket folder prints are complete.

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