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Pocket Folder Options for Success

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Pocket Folders options aren’t exceptionally vast, but people are finding ways to create them with a little more flare than if they were to buy them blank at an average office supply chain. As with any marketing strategy, you should always incorporate the use of full color images, logos and other designs when printing pocket folder orders. Here are a few more tips for making the most out of them the next time around.

You have to view your project as a vehicle for using printing products in multiple ways. Think of all the ways you could use a pocket folder: as a holder, a presentation tool, a branding exercise, and now a business card purveyor. Ask your online printer to incorporate a slit in the pockets for an easy Business Cards attachment. This way your customers always have your contact information around along with any pertinent documentation to go with it.

Customized options are yet another way to differentiate your printing from the competition. Give your order some organizational tabs or choose a die-cut and hole-drilling design that uses the front and inside as a means of convincing people to open it up (i.e. a staring eye looking out at the recipient.) Add a glossy coating and your pocket folder prints are complete.

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