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Colorful Letterhead Designs

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Full color Letterhead can give your Stationery an edge. Add some brilliant hues to your letters and envelopes, and people will be much more likely to remember your business. If you want to keep people with your company in mind, think about investing in colorful letterhead designs with Simpleprint premier services online. Your clients and customers will love the revamp and even your employees will take notice of this correspondence adjustment.

Letterhead doesn’t have to be as rigid or as boring as some of the stuffy invoices you have to print on them, so make each branding opportunity count. Adding a little color to your creations isn’t tough. Just turn your black-and-white printing into full color letterhead with a splash here and there. You can work with the header and footer and increase the size of your vibrant logo to really make an impact. The color choices you use and the amount of vibrancy you want to incorporate is completely relative to your business, so take some time and make your decisions wisely.

Then once you have a look that works for you, think about doubling up on your dose of bright hues and create complimentary envelopes, also available at services with our printing company. Stationery doesn’t have to drag your branding down. In fact, sprucing up these staples can help to turn your marketing campaign around, one invoice and estimate at a time. If you can add a little spice to your letterhead, you can turn your correspondence into effective advertising.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Simpleprint uses #70 paper, uncoated for the standard letterhead.

  • How many colors can I use for my letterhead?

We have four color font available for the front, and a blank back side.

  • Second sheets?

Yes, you can choose from second sheets or no second sheets

  • Why use letterhead?

Letterhead is a great way to reinforce your company and help you build your brand.  It is so much more professional looking than your stand 8.5×11 sheet of blank white paper.