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Catalog Printing For Sporting Goods Retailers

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Catalog Printing is the perfect outlet for sporting goods stores. Whenever you have a lengthy list of incredibly detailed product lines, catalog printing is your ticket to professional clarity and conversion. People like to know a little more about your products before purchasing and one of the tried and true means of doing so is with Catalogs.

You can help your customers experience it all without experiencing anything before they make a purchase at your establishment. It’s wise to include plenty of detailed pictures of the product to give the consumer an accurate visual portrayal. Don’t forget the important pieces of catalog printing information either such as various prices, sizes and dimensions, available colors and the most crucial one, ordering information.

This is going to direct people to actually place an order with you following the internalization of the information presented. You want to be able to rope them in with the benefits of owning a particular product. Then, once they’re excited, hit them with the easiest way to place their order. And the sporting world leaves plenty of room to get excited.

Catalog printing is a great vehicle for the imagination so make sure you hire an online printer who specializes in design work as well to achieve lasting results. Add strong copy in order to sell each product effectively and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Catalog Printing – The Perfect Marketing Supplement

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Catalog Printing can make for the ideal supplement to your business marketing strategies. Many clothing and other material goods providers already employ the use of billboards, direct mailers and promotional Flyers and Inserts in the newspapers, but catalog printing can be a huge help to those customers seeking more information. What kinds of things can you include in custom Catalogs?

Most utilize catalog printing for displaying the physical dynamics of a particular product or service. If your commodities are visually marketable above all else, it’s important you have a vehicle to use in order to show the public what it’s all about. Many outfitters opt for several different shots of the product, taking care to showcase every important angle for those in the target audience who can’t immediately experience it in a store.

Other important aspects include sizing and pricing. Apparel companies often have multiple sizes when it comes to shoes and rollerblades, winter gear and summer fashion, hats and more. Catalog printing is the perfect opportunity for you to provide easy ordering details for customers interested. That’s where price comes into play. With a clearly outlined set of the aforementioned factors, anybody can build a successful catalog. Just be sure to use plenty of color and design work to support your brand and your offerings.

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Find the Perfect Binding for your Catalogs

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

There are hundreds of different ways to create Catalogs. When it comes down to it, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Simpleprint offers so many custom options, it can be overwhelming, but it is always in your benefit. Marketing materials are most effective when every detail is approached in the best way possible.

So maybe you have the designs and visual details ready to go for your catalogs. But what about the binding? Simpleprint has many binding options so you can create 8 or even 48 page catalogs and put them all together in the best way possible for your company. We have the bindery services that let us print your products with perfect binding, saddle stitching, side-stitch binding, plastic comb binding and more.

Our state-of-the-art bindery department will give your catalogs priority to guarantee the results will be flawless every time you order.

Catalogs are a classic way to present a mass of information to your target audience, so put time and effort into your designs or turn to our talented designers if you are short on time and want expert advice. Our online ordering process puts you in charge of the costs, custom options and delivery. Give yourself the opportunity for premier printing possibilities. We are only a click away!

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Why Catalogs Are Your Next Best Option

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Catalogs are often used when other products simply aren’t working well for conversion. Not only do custom catalogs put all your relevant product information out there, they help the public understand what their money is going toward. Brochures might simply not have enough information, Postcards not enough incentive and Business Cards – they are a whole different arena.

Printed catalogs done with the help of a trusted online printer give you enough space to “speak” about your products freely. This can give you ample opportunity to create the right call to action, set up dynamic photographs and product specifications, and of course, an ordering page for your customers to be able to purchase. Even though many people shop and obtain information online nowadays, catalogs can be a great tool to usher their decision along futher.

You can choose as little as 8 pages for a beautiful display of your latest jet skis or go 48 pages for a complete spring fashion catalog. Whatever the case, make sure you order just enough to fit what you need. You’ll save tons on costs and have plenty leftover for the other regular print marketing pieces you order as part of your overhead. Call your printer now for other great ways to save on brilliant literature for your customers.

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Real Estate

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There are a few things you can do as a real estate agent to make yourself stand out from the rest of your fellow agents.  While most every successful realtor has Business Cards and Flyers to promote their business, you can take your personal promotion to the next level with customized Door Hangers.

With a custom printed door hanger, you can hang them the week before you hold an open house, for example.  On the door hanger you can include:

  • Your photo, name and company name
  • A small bit of information about yourself
  • Information about the home for sale
  • Information about the dates and times the home will be held open
  • A tear off portion with pertinent information such as the address of the home, your personal cell phone number, etc.

This will set you apart from your competition and allow you to connect with a target market audience without much time or money spent.  The whole business of real estate is getting your name to be easy recognized.   Most people choose a realtor based on experience and word of mouth.  Using customized door hangers is just one more way to market yourself to potential clients.

Public Recreation

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Public recreation centers are a vital part of any successful community.  They usually provide activities and group based sports in order to get people in the area involved in something worthwhile, positive and fun!  Because most public recreational activities will take place in a specific area or neighborhood, it is easy to identify your target market when it comes to printing up materials to promote your organization.

One great idea is sending out a monthly newsletter to your target audience.  With a printed newsletter, you are able to keep people informed as to what is going on in the community, as well as upcoming events you will be hosting at the recreation center.  You can have different areas in your newsletter for kids, teens, young adults and the elderly.Make sure to offer something for everyone.

Another way to communicate with your participants is to send out Brochures or Booklets every once in a while to make people aware of what activities you offer and if they will cost anything.  For example, when the spring and summer are coming up, make sure to send out information on sports teams that will be forming, how to sign up, cost, schedule, etc.  Parents are going to most likely be the ones signing their children up for summer activities, so make sure you include enough information for them to make a decision easily.

As for the elderly members of your community, you may want to take a different approach as far as informing them of events/groups etc.  Especially for those people who do not have internet access or choose not to use it, a piece of printed material is essential for this group. 

Because sometimes a letter is more well received than a flyer or brochure, which some people automatically identify as junk mail, consider sending customized letters to your elderly friends.

They will appreciate being kept in the loop.  Also remember to send them only information that is pertinent to their age group specifically.  You are sending a letter in order to make it easier on them to read the information, so don’t include things that do not involve them.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The design and layout of a printed catalog is critical to its success.  You need to make your Catalogs fun and inviting to open and read.  Yes, your purpose is to convey information to readers, but that doesn’t mean your catalog needs to be simple and boring.  With Simpleprint, the possibilities for your printed catalogs are endless!

First thing is first: grab the reader’s attention!  If you want your catalog to be read, you must first entice the reader to pick it up in the first place.  Once they are flipping through the pages, you want to make sure there is the proper balance between white space, text, and photos/graphics.  With a catalog, you have the luxury of a lot of space to work with.  But you must use your space wisely and lay out the pages properly.

Your catalog will be the most successful if you couple a great description of a product or service with a photo that supports the description.  This will give the reader the best impression of the product.  If you can show the product in use by someone who is enjoying it, all the better.  You want to show the readers that the products you are offering will better their lives in some way.  If they believe in your product, they will be much more likely to purchase it.

Remember to include your contact information somewhere within the catalog.  Give customers several different options with regards to placing an order, such as phoning it in, ordering online, etc.  You can easily put your contact phone number at the top of every single page of the catalog.  This makes it especially convenient for customers to reach you.

Creating a Successful Printed Catalog

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Printed Catalogs are a great way to bring your inventory to potential customers.  They are wonderful because they allow you to showcase all of your products in one place.  Catalogs have other added benefits too, such as freeing the customer from any feelings of pressured sales.

When someone receives a catalog in the mail, you want it to catch their attention right away.  With so much junk mail today, you don’t want your printed catalog to get lost in the shuffle.  Here are a few ways to make your catalog stand out:

  • Have the covers be a slightly heavier card stock
  • Give the covers a glossy finish
  • Place a desirable product on the front cover
  • Use high quality images throughout

Most people buy products because they want them, not necessarily because they are in need of them.  Because of this, make sure to appeal to your buyer as much as possible.  Describe each product with enough detail that the consumer feels comfortable spending their money on it.  Focus on how the product will be able to improve some area of their life in some way.

Make sure your catalog is organized to a certain extent.  For example, if your catalog features both men, women, and children’s products, you can do one section at a time to keep things in order.