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Calendars Printing For Less

Monday, June 20th, 2011

When it comes to Calendars printing, it is easy to get carried away with all the extras. There are issues to decide upon for paper types, quantities, gloss qualities, inks, die-cuts and other customization that make calendars printing a naturally pricey endeavor. But you can reduce your costs easily just by doing a few things during the ordering process online. You won’t even have to sacrifice your overall print quality as online providers are especially keen to their ingredients to ensure you get the best possible products day in and day out.

Drop The Size

Do you really need the full-out design of a 12×12 calendar or can you get away with doing a 6×9? Most people assume they need to get the big size only because that is what they remember when they visit similar stores that are marketing with the same idea in mind. But your calendars printing can still be just as effective without the extra girth. As long as you can keep your brand front and center, there is no limit to which way you can lean.

Drop In Paper Stock

Likewise, if you feel like you have to have the thicker paper stock, by all means keep it. But you should know before you order the differences between it and the ones below it. Requesting a free sample kit is always helpful in this regard as you can experiment with each one and test it out for your purposes. Many will find that a lower paper quality can still do the job right, which will save you on final costs like there is no tomorrow.

Ditch Customization

Unless you are talking about the covers of your calendars printing, there is no need to put any more undue stress on your budget by ordering die-cuts, folds, perforations, hole-punches or gloss, especially if they are to be put up to hang on a wall for the entire year. If they won’t come into contact with abuse, moisture or any outside-related elements, then there is no need to add the things that will cost little individually but can add up as a whole.