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Things You Didn’t Know About Business Card Prints

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Business card prints exist for one reason and one reason only: to start a (hopefully) lasting relationship with your clientele. Without the aid of professional business card prints, you might just be standing with your pants around your ankles! Most people know that you can obtain these little calling cards from your local printer or online printing company for about as much as it costs to order an entrée at your favorite restaurant. But here are a few things you might not have known about the latest in marketing’s most proven matchmakers.

Order As Many As You Want

No, seriously. Order a lot or order very few (50 or less). There’s literally no limitation on how many you can purchase at one time and it will actually work to your advantage to do this for two reasons. The first is because you will always have a steady supply on hand for whatever your business throws at you. And second, you will pay far less per card than you thought possible. Buying in bulk is the single biggest helper when it comes to your sensitive marketing materials so make them all count.

Get A Different Ink

Like, blue or pink, you say? No. In fact, many online printers make business card prints with the option of metallic, neon or even glow in the dark inks for a different kind of twist on your standard glossy text. Some even offer embossing services in order to set the lettering below or above the surface of the sheet stock (hint: you can even get your custom design done up this way.) If it’s appropriate to do so, try experimenting with a different kind and evaluate the results after a given period of time to see if they dug a little deeper with your customers.

Get Them Customized

This could include anything from custom folding to hole-punching. Your cards are the hallmark of your professional credentials so your best bet is to make them as different from your competitors as possible in order to achieve greatness. A prospective purchaser should be able to select your business card prints from a smattering of others in the crowd. The best way to guide some eyes to yours is with an aqueous or high gloss UV coating, 4-color printing techniques, a matte finish, large and bold lettering and some important information on the back, just to flesh out the card’s full utility.