Appointment Cards

appointment cards are perfect for any business.  They are great for everyone, the consumer as well as the business owner.  Customers appreciate being able to have a card to remind them of the date and time of their appointment, and they make it easier on businesses because it lowers the chance of missed or late appointments.

When designing your appointment cards, there are a few key items to make sure and include.  First, you want to have your company name on your cards.  Second, have a blank space somewhere on the card for writing information about the appointment, such as the provider’s name, the time of the appointment, and the date.

You can utilize your appointment cards much like Business Cards. 

They are another great marketing opportunity to write a bit of information about your business, and to provide clients with your contact information.  Remember that you always have the option to use both sides of the appointment cards.  For example, you may want to include a small map or directions on the back-side.  Anything you can think of to make it more convenient for the customer will work.  They will appreciate it and it will make your business look professional and very customer-oriented.