Create The Most Effective Club Card Flyers

So you want to create some great Flyers to promote your new nightclub or bar opening. But how are you going to design your flyer printing to be sure they catch attention and draw people into your establishment? There are several things you can do to make your club card flyers stand out in the crowd of other printed materials. They must stand out to be effective. Here are some great suggestions to try out when designing your new flyers.
One of the first things you can do to make your club flyers stand out is to be sure to use flashy colors and vivid images. Your first hurdle to overcome is getting someone’s attention. This is usually done with color and images. So try to incorporate some of your club or bar into your flyer printing. Perhaps you have theme colors or a themed nightclub, so be sure that you make good use of the things you already have. Remember that your flyers must instantly catch attention.
So you have successfully decided on some great colors and images that you want to use for your club card flyers. You may have overcome the first hurdle and gotten someone’s attention, but how are you going to actually motivate that person to come into your establishment? You must make your club card flyers valuable to your customers. Maybe they get a free drink if they present the flyer when they go. Or maybe they get a discount if they bring a friend, etc. It all depends on what is most appropriate for your club and what will work for you best in the long run. So give this piece some thought as well. Make sure people know who you are, where you are located and what you are all about. Then follow up right away with a great offer, and you are likely to boost revenue.
Another thing to think about from the design standpoint is what type of paper and coating you are going to select for your club card flyers. It is very important that you use a thicker paper type and choose an aqueous coating. By choosing these options, you are protecting your flyers from the elements and you are also making sure they don’t look like every other flyer out there. There is nothing worse than a sad looking flyer that is printed on torn computer paper. If you really want to be noticed and have people respond positively to your club flyer printing, you must take the time and effort necessary to really make them great.