Why Use Door Hangers Over Flyers?

When you are beginning a new advertising or marketing campaign, you first must decide on what printed materials you think are going to best serve your cause. You need to think about what you are trying to accomplish, and then select your printed tools to get the job done right. Both Door Hangers and Flyers are great marketing pieces, but they serve very different needs. It’s not that one is better than the other, it’s more about what you need the flyer or cheap door hangers to do that counts.

One reason to use a door hanger instead of a flyer is when you want to make a very strong impact on a potential customer, voter, etc. Whatever the cause, a printed door hanger is most likely going to make a stronger impression on its recipient. This is true for several reasons. One, successful door hangers are usually printed on a heavier paper stock, while flyers are typically printed on regular sized computer paper. The shape, size, and feel of a door hanger are completely different than that of a flyer. This is going to generate more attention and hopefully get the reader to actually stop and take time to read your door hangers. So, these facts make door hangers less likely to end up in the trash compared to your average flyer.

Another great reason to use hangers as opposed to flyers is their delivery method. Door hangers need to be personally hand delivered to each home that is to receive one. Flyers, while they can also be hand delivered, are oftentimes folded in three and sent out to a large mailing list. When this is the case, a door hanger is most definitely going to be more effective. When a flyer is sent through the mail like this, it can easily become bent, torn or otherwise mangled. When it finally arrives at someone’s home looking terrible, it is unlikely that anyone is going to take the time to look it over. However, door hangers are usually printed on a heavier card stock and can even have a glossy or laminated finishing on them. They are going to look more professional because they are durable and polished.

Overall, both flyers and door hangers have a place in the world of advertising. The key is to find something that is going to be effective for your cause and get your job done right the first time. You need to identify what you are trying to make happen, what type of interest you want to generate. While a flyer ma be appropriate for the announcement of an apartment rental on a college campus, it probably isn’t sufficient to showcase a restaurant’s new menu or explain where a politician stands on key issues. Choose your advertising medium wisely and end up with a successful marketing campaign!

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