Why Door Hangers Are Effective

Door Hangers can play a very important role in an advertising and marketing campaign. But why are they so effective? What is it about door hangers that make them special or useful to a campaign? There are several reasons, but overall, a custom printed door hanger is a fun, unique way to sell an idea or promote a product. They step outside the box of normal direct mail marketing. People are going to notice your door hangers because they are hanging on their door knobs, but you need to go the extra mile on the design side to take it another step further. You need people to actually stop and read about what you are promoting. Anyone can make a door hanger, but you need to make sure that you do your part to lay it out properly and draw attention to it.

Another reason why door hangers are effective is because they have the option of having a tear away piece on the bottom of each one. In order for your door hangers to be the most successful they can be, they need to have something of value. If a consumer feels they are benefiting in some way before they open their wallet, they are going to be more likely to give you or your company a chance. The key is to treat your door hanger recipients as though they are already loyal customers of yours – you need to show them how you will appreciate their business now and in the future.

Above all, door hangers are very unique and personalized more so than other forms of advertising materials. People will be able to see the thought and work behind your hangers, and this counts for a lot in a consumer’s mind. Especially these days, people want to spend their money wisely and with a company they feel they can trust. Creating personalized door hangers is a wonderful way to step outside of the traditional advertising box and really show customers you would appreciate their business.

Finally, in order for your hangers to truly be effective, you must include all of your contact information on them. Make sure you have multiple ways for them to get a hold of you. Be sure your team of associates is aware of the door hanger campaign and are ready to field calls and be prepared to answer questions that potential customers are going to have. Be there for the customer from the start, and you will be sure to gain customers and keep them for life.

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