How To Improve Your Door Hangers

Most anyone can create a door hanger to promote their business or organization, but in order for your business to benefit from them, you must go above and beyond people’s expectations.  It takes a lot for someone to stop what they are doing and take a look at a flyer or door hanger.  For this reason, they must stand out first thing.  You need to be able to capture attention and then deliver with useful information.  One of the easier ways to improve your Door Hangers is by using quality materials.  This means paper stock, printing quality, coating options for protection, font color and size, etc.  If you are using a professional printing company, they will be there to answer your questions and help you design the best door hangers possible.

Next, make sure you have a centerpiece or main logo that is going to stand out.  You must have your door hangers become noticed as soon as someone glances its way.  If you can capture someone’s attention; you have overcome the first major hurdle.  Once you have accomplished this task, you must be sure to follow up with more information that is pertinent to your business or organization.

Another great way to improve your door hangers is to use both sides for printing information on.  This is going to give your door hangers more dimension, and help you sell your products or services all the better.  Perhaps you have your catchy logo and text/color on the front of your hangers and you print other helpful information on the back.  This information includes telephone and fax numbers, all online information, a map, the best way to contact you, etc.  Whatever you think is appropriate for a potential client of yours to know is a good idea to include on your door hangers.  You want your clients to feel like they know and trust you in order to make a purchase.

So, make your main logo the focal point of the front of the door hanger.  Remember to print in large enough font so that someone does not need to be extremely close to read the information.  On the backside of your hangers you can take advantage of the extra space and print other necessary information about your business that people are going to want to know.  This information includes your telephone and fax numbers, your online information, a map to your physical location, directions, the best way to contact you, etc.  This information is also going to be based upon the type of business or organization you are running.

The last thing that you can do to really improve the quality of your door hangers is to make the bottom portion a tear off piece.  This piece should be something easy to tear away and keep for the consumer.  Your tear off piece can be a coupon, special offer, free admission or free gift of some sort, a gift card, or anything else you can think of that would be creative and a fresh new idea for your business.

Take these simple steps and create a much improved door hanger than you may previously have had!

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