Maximize The Benefits Of Your Door Hangers

So you have decided to take the time and resources to print professional Door Hangers for your business.  Now you need to figure out exactly how you are going to make the most of them.  Your ultimate goal is going to be to raise awareness and generate revenue for your company, but how are your door hangers going to really make that big of an impact?  Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process of distributing your door hangers effectively in order to maximize profits.

The success of your door hanger campaign is going to begin during the design and layout process.  While you are going to include all pertinent information somewhere on your door hangers, the most important thing to be sure of is that you have an attention-grabbing headline.  You must be able to have your door hanger stand out right away.  Whether this is with the use of a great headline in bolded font, or a bright image with vivid detail, you must accomplish this task first and foremost.

Another great way to attract attention and be sure that your prospective customers follow through with a purchase, include a call to action or coupon of some sort.  Everyone loves something free, so go ahead and offer them something.  Perhaps it is a buy one get one free type of offer, or simply a coupon for a percentage off of their purchase.  The point being that you are going to generate a much larger response rate if you include some time of enticing offer on your door hangers.

Next, choose your paper stock and finishing options wisely.  It is best to print your door hangers on a heavy card stock.  This way, your door hangers are going to be more durable than your average flyer or mailer.  If you are really interested in making your door hangers are durable and weather proof as possible, you may consider finishing an aqueous coating over them or laminating them.  Depending on the message you are sending and how long you want your door hangers to last will dictate your finishing options.

Once you have your shiny new door hangers, it will be time to distribute them.  You need to have a specific area that you are going to go door to door and deliver each door hanger.  It is a good idea to have someone who is knowledgeable about your company and will be able to answer any questions that a consumer may have when you arrive at their doorstep.  Sometimes during deliveries, you will run into the homeowner and this is the reason you must have prepared staff to answer questions.

Another good practice for door hanger distribution is to have them handy at all times.  It is a smart idea to have an extra stack available to you whether in your car or at your office.  This way, you will have door hangers ready whenever you need them.  Even though they are intended for someone’s doorknob, they can be offered to a potential customer at any time.  This is another reason to have all of your contact and order information printed on each door hanger for every potential client to see.

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