Door Hangers For Announcements

Door Hangers are great for multiple uses.  One great way to make use of a customized printed door hanger is to make an announcement with them.  Whether you are wanting to announce a new baby, a birthday party, somebody’s retirement, etc, you can be sure to attract some great attention for your event with a custom door hanger.

There are so many great options available to you when creating door hangers, especially when you decide to use a professional printer to do so.  This is highly recommended, considering you are making an announcement that you want your friends and family to receive and enjoy.  When working with a professional printer, you are going to have templates available for your use when constructing your door hangers.  Using templates gives you the freedom to move things around and try different options for your door hangers.  They also help to eliminate any spelling errors or other mistakes.

Depending on the nature of your announcement, you want to design your door hangers accordingly.  Since you have chosen to use a door hanger instead of a traditional greeting card in an envelope, it only makes sense to take the design of your door hangers to the next level.  Use a lot of color or vivid images or photos to really grab attention.  Remember that you have both sides of your door hanger to print on.  Again, everything on your door hanger is going to depend on what you are announcing, but it is nice to know that you have additional space on the reverse side of the hanger to include any other information that may be important to the announcement.  For example, if you are throwing a party or get together to celebrate your announcement, you may want to include directions to the venue and a map of where it is located.  Anything that you think would be useful information for the recipients to be aware of should be included somewhere on your custom door hangers.

One of the nicest things about customizing door hangers for yourself is that you can have them finished with an aqueous coating or lamination.  This works very nicely for an announcement such as a new baby arriving or a holiday photo of your family.  Whenever the door hanger is more of a keepsake as opposed to an invitation, it is nice to use a quality paper and finish it properly.  This way, your recipients can keep it for a long period of time.  Whatever you decide to use your announcement door hangers for, you can be sure that with the help of a great printing company, they will turn out beautifully and you can have something to pass out that you are proud of.

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