Add Customer Incentives to Door Hangers Design

As you begin to hit the drawing boards to start designing your Door Hangers, make sure you consider your customers first. Door hanger marketing efforts make it easy to introduce yourself to new and potential customers and clients but they should do much more than that. Rather than just listing your products and services on these convenient little full color hangers, try to go above and beyond the call of duty by making customers feel more connected to your company.

Door hangers don’t just hold on to your business branding, they put your products and services in the hands of customers. What better way to promote than by giving customers something that will make them feel special? The best way to achieve this with door hangers is to add customer incentives to the design. You may even want to base your designs around these incentives completely, because people love sales and everyone wants a special deal that they feel like only they are getting. If you are looking for new business, incorporate a discount for “new customers” on your door hangers.

The door hangers design doesn’t have to be a complicated masterpiece. With front and back printing, you can break up your information into two sides and feature a deal on one and a catchy slogan with contact information on the other. Whether you are in the food industry, part of a real estate agency or are out there promoting products and services in your community, door hangers deliver your message in an interesting and unusual way. Their die cut door knob holes are convenient for hanging anywhere and you can even add perforated tear cards at the bottom to serve as Business Cards or coupons.

Whatever approach you decide to take, door hangers deliver your marketing message right to the doorstep of your future clients, so construct them wisely. The more you can make them feel like your business is reliable and thoroughly invested in helping them, the better results you will garner from your door hanger promtions.

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