Door Hangers Design Ideas

If you are in the marketing for an unusual approach to marketing, Door Hangers are a great way for your business to get noticed. Unlike Flyers and standard Brochures, custom door hangers serve as little promotional tags that can hang anywhere. Depending on your current promotional campaign, you can design door hangers to coincide with certain printing products, or go out on a limb with unique designs that stray from your standard marketing style.

Door hanger designs can serve as friendly reminders about your business products and services, or they can be very specific. If you are in the mood to try something new with your promotions, consider the many different ways your message can reach the public. While door hangers may not be as convenient as small-sized Postcards, their unique template can easily act as a triple threat for your business; they can share a message, promote a sale and act as a contact card all at once.

The most common place to see door hangers is at hotels, where they often further their branding and act as little messengers for housekeeping. But even if you aren’t in that industry, you can borrow the same concepts for your designs. For example, if you are a movie rental company or a store that offers these services, you can imitate the common “Do Not Disturb” message into a “Shhh… We’re watching a movie” one for your door hangers. Then for an added bonus, included a coupon or percent-off sale for your customers so they have a reason to come and rent your movies again in the future.

If you are in the landscaping business, door hangers are a great way to advertise your services. Similar to a cold call, you can go door-to-door hanging these little promotional reminders on the knobs of neighbors. If they are in the marketing for a landscaping service or two and they have your contact information conveniently hanging from their door, they will be much more likely to give you a call. If you consider going this route, then it is still important to get customers an extra incentive to turn to your services. Featuring “15% off” for new customers or a new customer lawn care package on the door hangers design will entice people to try your products and services.

Door Hangers Design

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