Things To Remember When Mailing Your Booklet Printing

Booklet Printing is often conducted when a business needs to advertise their newest products and services. Most people tend to look toward direct mailing when they consider custom booklet printing, which makes it easier than simply leaving a stack of them around for somebody to voluntarily pick them up. You reach a lot more people right at the source of their lives, making it a far better method of generating responses, especially when you provide a business reply mailer along with it. Here is a quick list of things to remember when you’ve decided to go with this high-quality advertising tool.

Postal Regulations

The current postal regulations never quite stay current, that is, size, weight and other requirements are constantly undergoing change. This means if you tried to mail your fresh booklet printing on your own time, you might encounter a whole lot of headaches. That’s why it’s best to hire an online printer and mailer to take care of the process for you. They will be able to determine which dimensions are right for you to save the most amount of money, not to mention purchase postage and print addresses using the latest in inkjet technology. Think about all those envelopes you’d have to seal!

Your Target Audience

Booklet printing is a highly specialized sort of marketing built for a similarly specialized demographic. Make sure you know exactly what kind of neighborhoods and subsequent customers you’re going for whenever you’re planning on launching this type of campaign. For example, take into consideration socio-economic factors if you’re advertising heavy machinery for construction job sites, as the average person will not have the slightest interest toward your offer. Have your online booklet printing company assist you in any way they can – often they have extensive education in the marketing universe.


Most people who receive “junk mail” can pinpoint those particular mailers almost right away and easily discard them in the recycling. Your pieces should reflect something new and exciting so be sure to add plenty of colorful ingredients like pictures, brand logos and slogans. Avoid discounted percentage figures and other monetary claims right off the bat since most people might look at these as another credit card offer or something not really worth their time. Your booklet printing should radiate a level of mystery and appeal to help usher the reader further past the front page. If it looks like another piece of junk, it will be treated as such!