The Power Of Booklets

Booklets are the perfect tools for unearthing a mine of knowledge on the world. With printed booklets, you can inform, enlighten, amaze – and keep it simple in the palm of your hand. Businesses use them to gain a marketing foothold in their area, as well as an attention-grabber for the latest and greatest out there. Individuals use them for advertising their home business or other singular income-making enterprises. What everyone should know is that booklets are one of the most effective ways to get your point across because of how many places you can utilize them.

Custom booklets can be mailed, left behind, left out in the open, and used as takeaways and handouts at the point of sale and during town parades. They’re so versatile you’d be hard pressed to find another print marketing product that outdoes it (OK, Business Cards you win.) Booklets are kind of like a hybrid between the informational power of Catalogs and the portability of a postcard in that you can absorb lots of information while you’re still able to neatly tuck it away into a purse or back pocket. People can read them on the fly, while sitting in waiting rooms and other lengthy lines out the door.

The key to booklets printing is placement. You should analyze every available opportunity in which you can market using this incredible advertising tool. If you run business out of one centralized hub, such as a doctor’s office or a series of suites in a larger building, place your booklets on end tables in the waiting room, by the entryways and even in the downstairs lobby. If you’ve just received the new year’s snowmobile models, mail a set of booklets out to your loyal customers and winter enthusiasts.

When your intended recipients first get their hands on your custom booklets, their opinion will need to be swayed in order for them to open it and peruse the contents inside. That’s why you should certainly hire an online printer that is capable of 4-color offset printing, which is the norm that most professional companies in existence will turn to for their advertising strategies.

They should also be able to print booklets with a glossy exterior (and interior if you’re willing to spend a little extra for a beautiful finish) and full customization including die-cuts, stapling, gluing, folding and inserting. Direct mailing your booklets is always a good option too! The more you distribute, the likelier you will encounter much success in your next campaign.