Booklet Options To Consider

A booklet is a fairly versatile piece of marketing designed to pique a customer’s interest and elaborate enough for them to make a purchase. Without considering all the angles, you might create a booklet order with little flare or direction. You want to avoid having just another pile of papers sitting around. Check out these finishing options for an ideal marketing campaign.

Custom Booklets should have premium quality materials in order to be fully effective. This means choosing an appropriate paper stock (online printers have tons of them) and quantity, ink combination and stitching option (side and saddle-style are popular along with complete bindery services.) Apply an aqueous or UV coating for a gorgeous shine and extra protection.

Most of the time you can choose whether or not to make the interior pages of your custom booklet the same paper type and gloss as the cover or different. This will influence your final price so it’s good to think about before placing an order. If you want the piece to look fluid all the way through, you might want to opt for a self-cover option.

Call your online printer today for more custom options when it comes to beautiful booklet marketing and beyond. Some places even provide direct mailing services so you can relax easier knowing your products will be distributed according to your customer lists. Keep the beginning, middle and end in sight and your printing will never run astray.

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