Booklet Printing and Direct Mailing

Booklet Printing is one of those marketing tools that makes for a perfect addition to a direct mailing campaign. Most of the time it isn’t enough to leave your booklet printing out for the taking – you need a solid plan of action. One way to distribute your finished products is to send them straight to the customers, and the good news is there are online printers out there that do it all.

While the thought of creating your own print products is enticing to some in today’s economy, it can actually cost you a lot more of your budget, time and energy than you initially considered. Imagine not having to address each envelope or seal each piece of custom booklet printing, not to mention paying for postage and clearing all federal regulations at the post office.

Online printers/mailers save you all the hassle in one simple, inexpensive process. You won’t have to worry about pre-sorting, oversized mail, business reply mailers and managing customer lists when you order booklet printing. They’ll even wafer-seal the side for easy transport if you choose to send them sans envelope. Let an online printing place take care of the total package for you today and you’ll be surprised at how easy life can be.

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