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A Business Card Print For The Ages

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Business card print practices of today have the power to transform your piece into a glorious representation of who you are. You can order a business card print online with just a few clicks of a mouse before it is printed at the highest quality and quickest efficiency possible. Machinery and specialized instrumentation are at their peak producing levels right now, which makes it easier than ever to obtain more of the credentials you know and love (and that your customers adore too!) Here’s a look at what makes your cards shine bright for the future.

You’ll want to choose a nice thick paper stock for your project. This is the basic building block that’s too important to dismiss. Without the proper paper weight, you lose out on the durability that makes it possible for your business card print job to outlast your competitors (and have a greater longevity in general.) Other questions to ask yourself: do I want 4-color printing for both sides or just one side? What about a custom fold? Should I go with vertical or horizontal orientation? These can all affect the cost of your project.

For the most part, businesses and professionals also like to order a coating for their Business Cards to protect them from damage while showcasing a beautiful shine to go along with that award-winning smile of theirs. Most of the time you have the option of selecting a basic aqueous coating (provides moderate sheen and protection), high-gloss UV (brightly lit, smooth plastic feel) or laminated application (top of the line coating.) These will help set yours apart from the rest of your competitors.

Next up is your plan for distribution. How will you go about giving these out? For starters, you should go directly to the people you know and love the most, such as friends, relatives and the like. They won’t need any “selling” spiel from you in order to start spreading the word. Then, you might want to go to local spots you frequent the most, where people might know your name or face.

Try handing your business card print project out where there are many people during the day and evening hours. Another great option is to set up a direct mail campaign with your printer in which you request highly concentrated mailers to be sent out to an equally concentrated demographic. People will appreciate knowing there is a person they can call for any problems that may arise.

Business Cards Printing For Business

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Business Cards printing is the way that business owners everywhere establish their credibility and quality contacts. Most people look to business cards printing as a way to start a company on the right foot or simply as a way of creating those first few orders. No matter what you do for a living (even if you’re unemployed), it is wise to have these on you at all times in case you find an opportunity where your skills are required to get a job done. Here’s a look at a few more popular businesses that use this type of marketing in their everyday lives.

Daycare Providers

How best to keep those little rapscallions and their families coming back for more than with custom business cards printing? You can show how encouraging and safe of a place you operate with a colorful card that displays all the ways to get a hold of you, your services and a web site they can visit for more information.

Nanny Services

If you love to take care of the homestead (and everything inside it including children, dishes and ketchup on the walls), it’s best to establish your credo with a hefty bit of business card-distribution – the earlier in your career, the better. People like to feel comfortable with the person they allow into their homes. Now you can give them a reason to with online printing.

Helicopter Rides

Even the fun stuff needs a calling card. Show your area market how much pleasure there is to be had with a sky-spanning chopper ride. You could even get your cards die-cut in the shape of a helicopter to add a creative element to them. Much like the following point, people will want to feel like they can trust you, so establish your identity early and convince the world to take a trip toward their azimuths.

Skydiving Services

Like we said, fun pays! Most people need an extra little push before they consider literally going out on a limb to make the plunge. It could certainly be your personalized business cards printing that does the trick. Once you meet enough people in your community, prepare to make some leaps of faith!

Portable Sanitation

When you need portable sanitation, you need to trust that they will be delivered to the right place on time. Weddings, country ho-downs and wherever else the potties are non-existent, you can be sure that there are some for the most crucial times in a person’s life, no accidents guaranteed!

Fun Party Flyer Printing Inspiration

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

If you have the chance to create party promotional Flyer Printing from scratch, there are so many innovative ideas you can incorporate! When it comes to successful flyer marketing, a great visual design and eye-catching color scheme are the primary ingredients to making it work. You want your Flyers to stand out in the crowd, and the only real way to do this is through clever design techniques. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Feature fun photos to generate buzz about the party: Party promoting flyer designs should have the same look and feel of the actual event itself. Because of this, full color photos and other eye-catching can help to capture the audience you are looking for. If you are promoting a party for a night club, channel the neon lights and dark dance floors with your color scheme and photos. If you want to capture a female fan base for your next flower planting party, use the colors you would see in your garden.

Get to the point: People usually skim over the content on flyer designs rather quickly and if nothing catches their eye, they move on. So you know you will garner the turnout you want for your party, make sure you get your point across concisely, in bullet points and lists. These are powerful ways to promote any event because they give people little snippets of information, so they don’t have to consume too much at once.

Don’t forget to include the contact information: As you begin to explore contemporary design options and other stunning visuals, you may begin to put off the other essentials. Without an amazing design, people won’t even read your flyers to begin with, but once you have an innovative flyer, you need to include some basic information. The organization hosting the event and the event details are absolutely vital. They don’t have to take over the flyer and in fact, and just appear in small print along the bottom if that is the look you are going for, but they need to be present to make your flyers effective.

Keep the style simple: If you have a complicated, colorful graphic at the center of your designs, let that artwork do more and keep the rest of the layout simple. People love to connect with a particular photo or image, but if you give them too much to work with at once, it can be overwhelming. In order to avoid overloading your potential party-goers, ease up on the complicated designs and find a few simple accents or statements that work to enhance your look.


6 Fun Party Flyer Printing Examples

Party Flyer Printing
Party Flyer Printing
Party Flyer Printing
Party Flyer Printing
Party Flyer Printing
Party Flyer Printing

Disclaimer: The images on this page are not owned by SimplePrint and are used solely as design examples. Please click on the images to see their original sources.

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Booklet Ideas For Banks

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Booklet ideas are tough to come across, mainly because your business is different than other area companies. Your marketing materials should reflect who you are as a business, which is why it’s crucial to print booklet orders that look different than your competitors when it comes to the financial sector. While you might all be mandated by the same government regulation, your marketable deals don’t have to be the same at all. You can pick up a solid set of Booklets today just by getting in touch with an online printer who’s got it all down.

A booklet allows you to share vital information and other statistics with your customers before they make a decision. They could have stopped in one afternoon to open a checking or savings account, apply for a homeowner’s loan, start a line of credit or create a business account. Whenever there is a significant reason why a customer would stop in, they will need all the information they can get on the subject, which makes a custom booklet very hard to pass up.

Your Booklet Printing order should encompass your company’s ideals, whether it be through a smart and witty slogan or a bright stamp of your logo applied directly to the front, back and every page in between. You want to make people remember your offerings when they think about their finances. They must be able to put their full trust in you. Make sure they have every piece of information on hand in the form of your glossy booklet. Get it side-stitched or saddle-stitched or even get spiral bindings to create that truly professional feel.

You can never go wrong with a printed booklet when you’re educating your clientele. It’s small enough to be toted around and big enough so that you don’t have to miss out on the key ingredients of your latest financial endeavor. It should always work to accomplish a few goals: informational tool, marketable façade, and follow-through on promises you make. If you can create a trusting relationship with those things in mind, you’ve made a booklet order the right way.

Always think outside the box when making your booklet prints so that people can look at your credentials in a different light. The better they understand where you’re coming from, the better contacts you create for the long-term. And the best thing is you can print a booklet today from your home office or cozy chair. All it takes is a few good ideas and you’re on your way.

Booklet Options To Consider

Monday, May 30th, 2011

A booklet is a fairly versatile piece of marketing designed to pique a customer’s interest and elaborate enough for them to make a purchase. Without considering all the angles, you might create a booklet order with little flare or direction. You want to avoid having just another pile of papers sitting around. Check out these finishing options for an ideal marketing campaign.

Custom Booklets should have premium quality materials in order to be fully effective. This means choosing an appropriate paper stock (online printers have tons of them) and quantity, ink combination and stitching option (side and saddle-style are popular along with complete bindery services.) Apply an aqueous or UV coating for a gorgeous shine and extra protection.

Most of the time you can choose whether or not to make the interior pages of your custom booklet the same paper type and gloss as the cover or different. This will influence your final price so it’s good to think about before placing an order. If you want the piece to look fluid all the way through, you might want to opt for a self-cover option.

Call your online printer today for more custom options when it comes to beautiful booklet marketing and beyond. Some places even provide direct mailing services so you can relax easier knowing your products will be distributed according to your customer lists. Keep the beginning, middle and end in sight and your printing will never run astray.

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Door Hangers

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
  1. Take advantage of full color printing and make sure your door hangers stands out.  You need to capture attention right away, the use of bright colors will help you do this.
  2. Once you have their attention, make them want to read more by using a heavy paper stock that feels different than normal in their hands.  Just this simple use of texture will make the reader want to know more.
  3. The most important thing now is a catchy phrase to grab their attention and urge them to keep reading.  People don’t have a lot of time, so make it quick!  Use a catchphrase that is sure to grab their attention right away
  4. Include your contact information in big, bold lettering so it is unable to be missed. 
  5. Use both sides of the door hangers.  The back side can be used for anything you see fit; some popular uses are maps, surveys or menus.
  6. Have a tear off portion at the bottom of your door hangers.  Include your call to action here, but make it enticing.  Especially if you are dealing with a first time customer, your offer should be virtually irresistible if you want to attract business. 


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There are so many salons out there, in order to really be successful you need to stand apart from the competition.  While there are several traditional marketing materials used by most salons such as takeaway service menus, business cards, etc, we have come up with a few ideas to really make you stand out from the competition.

First, create custom Greeting Cards:

  • Include your company logo or name on the front
  • Make the cards generic enough to be used for several occasions such as thank you cards, invitations, introduction to a new product or service provider, etc.
  • Create matching envelopes to create a cohesive look and allow your customers to instantly know who they are receiving mail from
  • Include your contact information on the back side of the greeting card so you are easily accessible to clients.

Sending personalized greeting cards is a great way to set your salon apart from the competition.  While lots of salons or spas will send out Postcards, Flyers, or emails, to send a custom greeting card is taking it to the next level in terms of correspondence.

Customers enjoy to feel special and know that their business is appreciated.  You can never thank a client enough for spending their time and money at your establishment.  Using custom greeting cards as part of your marketing strategy is a nice personal touch that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

There are a few things you can do as a real estate agent to make yourself stand out from the rest of your fellow agents.  While most every successful realtor has Business Cards and Flyers to promote their business, you can take your personal promotion to the next level with customized Door Hangers.

With a custom printed door hanger, you can hang them the week before you hold an open house, for example.  On the door hanger you can include:

  • Your photo, name and company name
  • A small bit of information about yourself
  • Information about the home for sale
  • Information about the dates and times the home will be held open
  • A tear off portion with pertinent information such as the address of the home, your personal cell phone number, etc.

This will set you apart from your competition and allow you to connect with a target market audience without much time or money spent.  The whole business of real estate is getting your name to be easy recognized.   Most people choose a realtor based on experience and word of mouth.  Using customized door hangers is just one more way to market yourself to potential clients.

Public Recreation

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Public recreation centers are a vital part of any successful community.  They usually provide activities and group based sports in order to get people in the area involved in something worthwhile, positive and fun!  Because most public recreational activities will take place in a specific area or neighborhood, it is easy to identify your target market when it comes to printing up materials to promote your organization.

One great idea is sending out a monthly newsletter to your target audience.  With a printed newsletter, you are able to keep people informed as to what is going on in the community, as well as upcoming events you will be hosting at the recreation center.  You can have different areas in your newsletter for kids, teens, young adults and the elderly.Make sure to offer something for everyone.

Another way to communicate with your participants is to send out Brochures or Booklets every once in a while to make people aware of what activities you offer and if they will cost anything.  For example, when the spring and summer are coming up, make sure to send out information on sports teams that will be forming, how to sign up, cost, schedule, etc.  Parents are going to most likely be the ones signing their children up for summer activities, so make sure you include enough information for them to make a decision easily.

As for the elderly members of your community, you may want to take a different approach as far as informing them of events/groups etc.  Especially for those people who do not have internet access or choose not to use it, a piece of printed material is essential for this group. 

Because sometimes a letter is more well received than a flyer or brochure, which some people automatically identify as junk mail, consider sending customized letters to your elderly friends.

They will appreciate being kept in the loop.  Also remember to send them only information that is pertinent to their age group specifically.  You are sending a letter in order to make it easier on them to read the information, so don’t include things that do not involve them.


Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Deciding to join the military is a brave and honorable undertaking.  It is also a decision that most people need to think a lot about.  Unlike most other jobs, signing up with the military a much larger and longer commitment.  You want your soldiers to feel confident that they have made the right choice for themselves and their families.  In order to help them feel more comfortable in their decision, providing the appropriate printed materials for them is essential.  The following are a few ideas help provide written information about your industry:

When you hold recruitment activities, make sure you have brochures or booklets available to hand out to prospective soldiers.  Include most all of the information they will need to know.  You also want to remember that especially with younger recruits, their parents are going to want as much information as they can get from your printed materials.

Include information such as how you sign up, what your options are, the length of time, and much more.  Even though everybody knows of the armed forces, not everyone knows exactly how it operates.  So, that means it is your job to keep everyone involved as informed as possible.

Also bear in mind that you want your recruits to have information, but also remember to make materials available to the general population as well.  People shouldn’t have to seek out the military in order to learn about possible opportunities for them.  You can send out mass mailings such as Postcards, booklets or flyers to home addresses to get information to people who might not otherwise seek it out themselves.

Hang flyers in public places such as high school and college campuses, coffee shops, anywhere public where lots of people gather.

Have your websites available on all of your printed materials as the ultimate go-to tool for more information on somebody’s “next step”, whatever that may be.

The main idea is to make sure you are accessible to people and that they feel comfortable and confident they are receiving the information they are wanting.