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Presentation Pocket Folders

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Presentation Pocket Folders are a great piece of printed material that can really help market your business.  They are a great organizational piece and have a variety of uses.  The design of your folders should advertise your company to the fullest and provide readers with the proper contact information.  Even though it is a folder and a useful piece of office material, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to market your company.

You want your Presentation Folders to look as professional as possible.  Keep the design simple, yet eye catching and beautiful.  Use vivid colors and fonts to attract attention, and your logo or company name to create recognition for your company.  Choose a high gloss finish for your folders.  This too will help your folders look more professional and protect them, allowing them to last much longer than traditional folders.

On the inside of your presentation pocket folders, create a slit sized for a business card.  This way, you can send a few cards along with any folder you distribute.  Presentation folders are great for tradeshows, meetings, presentations and much more.  Fill them to the brim with useful information about your business and other printed pieces that you have created to market your company.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Postcards can be great tools for your business.  They are fairly inexpensive to create and deliver.  The key is designing them in such a way that makes people take a second look and respond positively to your message.

First of all, make your postcards look like they are coming from a friend rather than a business.  In this way, you will generate more of a positive response from the reader from the beginning.  People respond positively when they feel like they are being offered something, rather than just being fed another sales pitch.

Going along with that, make sure that your postcards are geared more towards trying to generate sales inquiries rather than close the deal. 

If you give people enough information to want to call you and learn more, then your postcard has done its job.  People are more likely to respond to your business favorably if they feel you are genuinely trying to offer them something of value.  The more personalized you can make your postcards, the better response you will generate.

Most importantly, use lots of color!  This will attract attention right away.  Another way to get your postcards noticed immediately is to finish them with a high gloss coating.  A glossy color postcard is sure to get your company noticed.

Remember to include your company’s contact information somewhere on the postcard.  You want people to be able to reach you if they have any questions or concerns.  If you have a website, include your address as well.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Flyers are a great promotional tool for just about anything.  When you are designing your custom flyers, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to create the most successful flyer possible. 

The most important thing to remember when designing your flyers is that catching someone’s attention is the first hurdle to overcome.  So, you want to make sure to use bright colors and large fonts to grab attention right away.  Make it clear what you are advertising, so the reader can decide if they want to keep reading or not. 

Make your headline or title bright and bold so it is recognized immediately.  After you have done this, you can include more information on the flyer that pertains to the event or product.  Other critical elements to include in your flyer design are contact numbers, website, physical address, a map, directions, whatever is relevant to what your flyer is promoting.

Try to keep the message simple and to the point.  The more specialized your flyer is, the better response you will receive.  You will get the best return on your flyers if you target a specific audienceand market directly to them.  The more specific, the better.

Don’t forget to include a special offer on the flyer that makes it worth keeping.  If you have a coupon or special offer, people will be far more likely to pay attention to your flyer and not throw it away.

Door Hangers

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Door Hangers are a great way to advertise for your business.  It is important that your design and layout of each door hanger is professional and right to the point.  Many people think of door hangers as “junk mail” and they end up in the trash immediately.  Here are a few tips to grab someone’s attention right away and make your door hangers successful.

First off, make sure that you have a catchy headline or statement.  This should tell the consumer immediately what is being advertised.  Make sure this statement is in a large font size and incorporates bright, vivid color.  This will attract someone’s eye to it right away. 

After you have captured their attention, use the rest of the door hanger to explain a little bit more about your company, event or service you are promoting.  You want to give people enough information to decide whether or not they are interested, without bogging them down with too much information.  Get right to the point.

Use the bottom of the door hanger as a tear away piece that the reader can rip off and keep.  Whether it is a map, or a coupon, make sure you include contact information on this portion of the door hanger.  This way, even if they throw the rest away, you have left them with the most crucial information: your contact information.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The design and layout of a printed catalog is critical to its success.  You need to make your Catalogs fun and inviting to open and read.  Yes, your purpose is to convey information to readers, but that doesn’t mean your catalog needs to be simple and boring.  With Simpleprint, the possibilities for your printed catalogs are endless!

First thing is first: grab the reader’s attention!  If you want your catalog to be read, you must first entice the reader to pick it up in the first place.  Once they are flipping through the pages, you want to make sure there is the proper balance between white space, text, and photos/graphics.  With a catalog, you have the luxury of a lot of space to work with.  But you must use your space wisely and lay out the pages properly.

Your catalog will be the most successful if you couple a great description of a product or service with a photo that supports the description.  This will give the reader the best impression of the product.  If you can show the product in use by someone who is enjoying it, all the better.  You want to show the readers that the products you are offering will better their lives in some way.  If they believe in your product, they will be much more likely to purchase it.

Remember to include your contact information somewhere within the catalog.  Give customers several different options with regards to placing an order, such as phoning it in, ordering online, etc.  You can easily put your contact phone number at the top of every single page of the catalog.  This makes it especially convenient for customers to reach you.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Printing custom Calendars for your business is a great advertising and marketing idea.  Many companies create calendars around the holiday season and distribute them to their customers as gifts.  Calendars are great gifts and people appreciate receiving them because they are useful.  If you can give somebody something they can actually use, and advertise your business 365 days a year, there is nothing better!

In order for your calendars to be successful, choosing the proper design is important.  You want the images in your calendar to reflect the image and values of your company.  At the same time, you want the calendar to be neutral enough that many different types of companies can display and use them.

One way to solve this problem is to choose a neutral theme for your calendars.  Examples include nature themes, sports teams, etc.  Anything that is considered to be universally appealing.  You don’t want to rub anybody the wrong way or discourage them from using your calendars for any reason. 

Most importantly, you want to have a contact information section somewhere within your calendar.  The best way to design your calendar in order to facilitate this is to make the back cover a little bit longer with space at the bottom for all of your company’s information.  This way, even as the months flip and change, the back cover will always remain the same and show your contact information year round.

Business Cards

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

When designing Business Cards for your business, there are several important features that you need to include.  It is crucial that you include all of your company’s contact information so customers are able to get a hold of you.  A lot of the time, a business card will be the first contact you have with a potential customer, so you must make a great first impression.

The first thing to include is the company name.  If your company is very large or has specialized departments with different people in charge of various aspects of the business, you will also want to make separate business cards for different departments.  You need to include all contact information such as telephone numbers, physical address, fax number, email and whatever else is necessary for your business.

Many businesses include their company logo or some type of artwork on their business cards.  Especially if you have a recognizable logo, you will want to include this in order to continue the branding efforts for your company.  Logos also help people notice your business card faster than those without a logo.

Keep in mind that there are two sides of a business card, and both can be utilized.  If you wish to add more information on the back of your cards, such as a map or list of products of services, this can be done.  Just remember to make your business cards stand out and look professional.  You want to create a positive first impression when handing your business card to a prospective client.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Printed Brochures are a great way to promote your business and give consumers a snapshot of your company, what you offer and how to get in contact with you.  In terms of designing your brochure, there are a few key things to remember in order to create the most successful brochures possible.

First of all, keep in mind that most people do not have ample time to sit and read through a lengthy brochure.  They want to learn a little bit about your company and the services you offer.  Give them the information they need to know right off the bat.  It is not a bad thing for them to want to know more.  Brochures should be a jumping off point that leads into an inquiry, which will hopefully generate a sale.

Don’t be afraid of white space in your brochures.  It can be tempting to try and fill up every bit of space available, but this just results in a brochure that looks cluttered.  Make your design work in your favor.  Have enough text and graphics to make the brochure look full, but not too many to make it look tacky.

Another option you have when creating custom brochures is the number of folds you want.  Depending on what type of brochure you create, Simpleprint offers up to nine folds.

As with any promotional piece of material, make sure that you include all necessary contact information in your brochures.  You want your readers to be able to reach you with any questions or concerns they may have about your products or services.  Make your brochures enjoyable to read and you will be pleased with the business they will generate.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Custom designed Booklets are a great advertisement for any business.  They are unique in the sense that they can provide customers with more information than a simple flyer or even a brochure can.  In order for your booklets to be well received, it is important that your booklets are well designed and laid out professionally.

The first thing to remember is that people want to read about your business, but the trick is to give just the right amount of information.  Because it is a booklet, there will be considerably more content than say a flyer or poster, but you still must be aware that most people will become bored with too much.  Give enough information to answer questions most people might have and to explain the product, but know when to stop.

Also keep in mind that booklets present a great opportunity to incorporate more photos and graphics than you might normally use in other forms of printed materials.   In addition to using more photos, you can also use larger images than you usually would.  This is great because products usually sell better when the consumer can see a picture of someone using and enjoying the product.  Take advantage of the space you have in your booklets.

As with all other forms of printed materials, you want to be sure to include all contact information somewhere within your booklets.  Make it easy for your customers to contact you and feel comfortable asking questions and hopefully making a purchase.

Appointment Cards

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

appointment cards are perfect for any business.  They are great for everyone, the consumer as well as the business owner.  Customers appreciate being able to have a card to remind them of the date and time of their appointment, and they make it easier on businesses because it lowers the chance of missed or late appointments.

When designing your appointment cards, there are a few key items to make sure and include.  First, you want to have your company name on your cards.  Second, have a blank space somewhere on the card for writing information about the appointment, such as the provider’s name, the time of the appointment, and the date.

You can utilize your appointment cards much like Business Cards

They are another great marketing opportunity to write a bit of information about your business, and to provide clients with your contact information.  Remember that you always have the option to use both sides of the appointment cards.  For example, you may want to include a small map or directions on the back-side.  Anything you can think of to make it more convenient for the customer will work.  They will appreciate it and it will make your business look professional and very customer-oriented.