Tips For Making Calendar Printing Look Awesome

Looking to make your Calendar Printing project discreet in size, message and quantity, or are you wanting to go with “loud,” bold and different ones for your next marketing plan? No matter what your budget looks like, how many customers you serve every year or how many employees you have, calendar printing can work for you with the right amount of give and take. All you have to give is a few great ideas, some creative input here and there and a final approval before it gets sent to the printing presses. All you take away is brilliant-looking Calendars for a fraction of the cost at local printers (online companies simply have the best deals.)

You should always focus most of your efforts on the colorful cover and the pictures that normally go at the top of each month. People’s eyes will travel directly to these places with every turn of a page and if you do not incorporate the right images, you will risk boring your viewers to death. It is recommended you apply a glossy coating (aqueous or UV coats are standard and work well for reflecting light.) On top of that, calendar printing that doesn’t use full color imaging is simply too far behind on the times. To gain a competitive edge, you have to be creative with your use of color if you want to gain any ground with new customer bases.

Die-cuts and hole-punching are two other customizable efforts made to give your calendars an added boost. Sometimes they need to be able to fit inside three-ring binders or hang on a doornail. Other times people just request a specific shape to be cut out of them or simply turn the pages into rounded edges for a sleek look. The normal way to bind them is for a set of side- or saddle-stitching (discreet stapling on the crease of the calendar printing.) This is also cost-effective in the short and long term.