Business Branding with Large Envelopes

Every company will need to make use of large envelopes at one point or another. Envelopes are a great way to further your business branding because basic correspondence is essential to any functioning company. If you are planning to send out mail that’s more than just a simple letter here and there, full color large envelopes let you do so in style. With such a basic format, your custom design options are virtually limitless, but for the best results, always printing with 4-color vibrancy.

Large envelopes don’t have too be too fancy, but the design should best represent your business personality. If you have a common color scheme that has worked well for you in the past, don’t worry about changing it. Just go with what works for your marketing campaigns. Because the envelopes are large, you have a little more design room to work with. This lets you add double the dose of color and creativity without hampering on its basic functionality. While standard envelopes may not be best for showcasing vivid photos and other imagery, large envelopes are a great place to do so.

When it comes to correspondence, large envelopes will be the first things in the mail to get noticed. So if you have the opportunity to design some for your company, don’t skimp on the business branding. Your logo and contact information are a crucial component of every printing product you invest in, so make sure make they are present and bold on your large envelopes.