Best Places To Post Your Calendars

Calendars are an easy tool to post around your daily visiting places. When you print custom calendars to create better business leads and get people talking about your company, you take advantage of a super beneficial weapon in the fight for a share of the local market. You can always distribute them to customers, which has worked wonders for businesses before you. But from a personal standpoint, how do you use them effectively while still keeping them in your possession?

Your Office

Printed calendars are among the top pieces of marketing that have the most potential for utility. With other forms, you have to hand them out, post them semi-permanently or mail them away. With calendars you can do all of the above, except for when you have them at your office, you can use them to scrawl notes in the margins, schedule appointments, keep track of important dates and happenings going on in the coming weeks or months concerning your business or personal life and many more.

Work Truck/Van

If you are a deliverer of goods and services, you might do well to place calendars inside your vehicle, perhaps on the dash or somewhere easily accessible at all times. You could use it as a scratch sheet, putting a line through the names of people you have completed services for on any particular day. It is an ideal method for keeping track of your time and can remind you of what it is you are supposed to complete by the day’s end. You might want to make it slightly less cumbersome in size to accommodate the interior parts of your truck or van.