How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Custom Business Cards are usually one of the first times you will make contact with a potential customer.  You want to put your best foot forward and reflect the style and concept of your company.  While this may sound easy enough, many people make mistakes when designing their business cards and this results in a less than impressive representation of your company. 

Print business cards online for the most professional, affordable result.  Custom business cards are easy to create with most online printers, but you need to know what your objectives are before getting started. 

Here are a few great options to consider when printing your business cards:

  1. Include all current company contact information
  2. Choose a heavier than normal card stock
  3. Represent your company with your logo on the front of the card
  4. Use bright colors
  5. Use an image that appeals to the recipient
  6. Have rounded edges
  7. Have a glossy or laminated finish

Don’t be afraid to take a risk when creating your custom business cards, but also be aware that too much detail or information can be overwhelming to the customer.  Just find the right balance between creative and overdone.  It’s probably better to take a risk than to play it safe, because there are so many business cards out there, it is easy to fall into the mix of everyone else. 

Even making a few small changes to the traditional business card will give it more recognition.  It just takes a great business card maker and a good design concept.  Then you’re in business!