1. Printed Catalogs are a great way to showcase a large inventory of products in one place.  In order for your catalogs to be successful, there are several things to make sure are included when designing them.
  2. Keep your catalog organized.  For example, if you have different categories of products, or products for different genders, keep them grouped together.  You don’t want your reader to feel thrown off from page to page.
  3. Use high quality images in your printed catalogs.  A great photo of a product can make or break the sale of that product.  If possible, show the product being used by somebody.  You want the reader to feel as though buying this product would improve their life in some way.
  4. Describe the featured products in detail.  You want your reader to feel confident enough to purchase the product.  Try to predict common questions that would be asked about the product and answer them through the description. 
  5. Have an alternate source of information available to your readers.  Catalogs are, of course, another great marketing tool for your business.  Make sure you have your website and contact information displayed where the reader can easily see it while paging through.  This way, they will feel more comfortable knowing that there are alternate options for their purchase.  Some people are just not comfortable ordering without physically seeing the product or talking to a salesperson.
  6. Consider delivering your catalogs in custom printed envelopesSimpleprint has several envelope sizes to choose from.  Containing your catalog in a printed envelope not only looks more professional, but it also ensures that your catalog will arrive in great shape.