Business Cards

  • What is the most common size for a printed business card?

3.5 x 2 in. 

  • What is the most common card stock used?


  • What are the finishing options available?

Gloss cover or no gloss cover

Yes.  You can choose to print on the back side or to leave it blank.

  • What coating options are available?

Simpleprint offers four different coating options: Aqueous coating, HiGloss UV front only, HiGloss UV both sides, or no coating.

  • Can I round the edges of my business cards if I like?


  • Can I print both horizontally or vertically on my business cards?

Yes.  We can accommodate any request when it comes to printing direction.

  • How much will my business cards cost me?

The more you order, the lower price/card you will receive.  For example, if you order 5,000 cards or more, your price per card drops to one cent  a piece.